Alyssa and Aaron

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How We Met

Aaron and I met in nursing school in 2013. We sat across the room from one another in anatomy lecture, and he tells me he always would stare at me in class. On April 4th, our friend had tickets to go to a Pittsburgh Pirates game right after class. They were going to miss their last class for the day and had invited me to go along with them. Unfortunately, I had a simulation in my afternoon class, so I couldn’t miss it. Aaron started tweeting at me during the game, and I finally gave him my phone number so he could text me instead. We spent all weekend texting and flirting, I couldn’t stop smiling. The next weekend was one of my friend’s birthday parties and of course we had invited most of our nursing class to go out, including Aaron. The night before we had met up to study for exams we both had the next day, but ended up spending 3 hours just talking and getting to know each other at Panera Bread. The night of the party I was so nervous to see him. Everything was so new and I of course didn’t want to seem too eager, even though that changed pretty quickly! We all met up at another friend’s house, and headed down to Pittsburgh’s South Side to get some drinks. He wasn’t making any moves for a while, so when I went to the bathroom my friend told him it was do or die! I came out of the bathroom and he immediately grabbed me and kissed me! I was seriously on cloud nine. I couldn’t believe that it was happening. From that day, the rest has been history.

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how they asked

We finally took a vacation for one of my best friend’s weddings, which was taking place in Austin, where I grew up. We had been talking about getting engaged soon, but I never imagined it would be now! The wedding was Saturday, February 27th. It was absolutely beautiful, and Aaron was acting a little more loving than usual during the ceremony. I just thought he was getting sentimental because of how amazing the wedding was. We had a blast that night, and planned to go hiking and sight seeing the next day. The morning of the big day, Aaron told me to get ready and do my hair and makeup, which isn’t anything out of the norm because I usually get dolled up to go anywhere. I came out of the bathroom dressed in Nike shorts, a tank top, and tennis shoes and he looked horrified. He told me, “maybe you should change, just incase we decide to go out to eat or something after.” I should’ve had a huge sign there because he generally tells me I look beautiful in whatever I’m wearing, but I obliged and changed. Fast forward to the site. We went out to one of our favorite spots in Austin, the 360 Overlook. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and there were a ton of people up there, so we just took in the view for a few minutes. He walked me all over the mountainside, which I did think was a little odd, but still completely unsuspecting. Finally, he suggested we walk back to the main area to take one last look. He told me how he couldn’t wait to move to Austin with me, and get to experience things like that every day. Then he hugged me, told me he had a question, and started down on one knee. I had no idea what was happening at first, but when it finally clicked, I couldn’t stop laughing (a happy laugh though!) He pulled out the ring and I was speechless. I immediately said yes and we kissed. All of the people up on the mountain were cheering for us, and when we turned to face the pathway back down to the car, my parents popped out of the woods! They were photographing the whole thing and my mom was, of course, crying already. It was so surreal and I am still on cloud nine. I cannot wait to marry my best friend!

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