Alyson and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I have been through the ups and downs like every relationship, but we have found a way to make it last through the last few years of college and high school. We have a mutual love for staying at home, watching movies, and just being homebodies. Nick and I didn’t really do a lot of traveling until a few summers ago – now we love it! We are also very goal-oriented. I am a teacher and VERY Type-A personality. Nick knows how to handle all of my stress/anxiety that comes along with my job. He is the hardest working person that I know – he might be at work all day (even working overtime) and still come home and cook dinner for me or get a job around the house done that I ask him to do. AND HE NEVER COMPLAINS!!

I think we were both just so extremely lucky to find “the one” in high school. Nick and I grew as friends first – we would spend almost every day after school together, hanging out with friends or going fishing (his choice, not mine!!). We didn’t really establish a relationship until one night I said, “Hey, I think we are more than friends” and he said, “Yeah, probably” – typical guy response.

I don’t think Nick and I had an “I know you are the one” moment because we were so young when we met and started to fall for each other. However, over time, as we became older, Nick and I’s relationship is something truly special and something that will never be broken.

How They Asked

UGH THE PROPOSAL WAS AMAZING. Two summers ago, I begged and begged Nick to go to Europe with me for a few weeks. He was like “I don’t know, we will see.” My best friend and I planned a trip to go, but in the end, she couldn’t make it. Of course, Nick stepped up to the plate and said, “Okay, let’s book this thing and go!” So we spent two weeks walking around Europe – basically a new city every day. When we got to France, we spent the morning with our tour group going to see all the beautiful sights of Paris – Notre Dame, the gardens, and the Eiffel Tower.

We went to the second story of the Eiffel Tower. After coming down, Nick told me he had to get something off of the bus. I was so annoyed, hungry, and HOT (OMG it is so hot in Europe in the summertime!!!). Let’s just get back on the bus and get some yummy French food, you know? Nick got off the bus and started rambling on about me trusting him. I thought to myself, “If I didn’t trust you, I wouldn’t have flown all the way to Europe with you!” Then, before I knew it, he was down on one knee with the ring box open asking me to marry him in front of the Eiffel Tower and all the people sitting on the lawn having a picnic. It. Was. Perfect! Also, I was too dehydrated to cry.

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