Alyson and Trey

Image 1 of Alyson and TreyHow We Met: Trey and I met in our sophomore year in high school when I tried out for the girl’s tennis team. He played for the boy’s team, but was too shy and quiet to ever talk to me.

We became just friends and he eventually asked me to prom in front of both the girl’s and boy’s tennis teams after practice one day.

We started dating right after graduation and have been dating for over 3 1/2 years now and will be getting married next Spring.

how they asked: I have always loved Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day, so when Trey and I found out that they had a big St. Patrick’s Festival in Chicago, Illinois we decided that that would be a perfect Spring Break vacation.

I came home from college and we headed to Illinois to meet some family members he had and to visit the city. We did all the touristy things to do in Chicago over the few days that we had before the festival on Saturday.

That morning we got ready for the parade to start at 9 am. I asked Trey to turn off the television in our hotel room so we could leave, but then I heard something coming from the bedroom. I was so mad that he obviously did not listen to me, so I stormed into the bedroom where there was Trey, down on one knee playing my favorite Irish ballad on his phone, which was the noise that I was hearing. He then grabbed my hands and told me that he had waited so long for this moment and asked me to marry him.

I started crying and felt so bad that I had yelled at him. He then had mimosas and green flowers for us to celebrate with before we headed out for the parade. He told me he had one more surprise waiting for me. In Chicago, during St. Patrick’s Day, they dye the river green using organic/non-harmful products and then after they do a parade in the middle of the city.

Image 2 of Alyson and Trey

We were so excited being newly engaged when he took me to the bridge that overlooks the river.

Image 3 of Alyson and Trey

Once it was dyed, he handed me a lock with our names on it and the date. He told me to lock it on the bridge and then we took the keys to the lock, kissed each other’s key and then threw them into the river.

Image 4 of Alyson and Trey

It was the most romantic and special day because he thought about me and picked something that he knew I would love and cherish forever!

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