Alyson and Sean

Image 1 of Alyson and Sean

How We Met

Sean and Alyson met when they worked at their hometown’s summer camp. First, they were co-counselors and then Sean rose to be Director, while Alyson was First Aid Responder. They spent the summers together getting to know each other before Sean moved across the country to California. Alyson soon followed after a year of long-distance to sunny San Diego and they have been together for over 4 years.

How They Asked

On Alyson’s family vacation to Chatham, MA, Sean brewed an elaborate surprise proposal plan. He involved all of Alyson’s family! Sunday morning after a passing rain storm, Sean and Alyson went to go pick up doughnuts (speciality ones only made on Sundays and just so happends to be Alyson’s favorite treat!). On their way back, they stopped at Lighthouse Beach to see the lighthouse and walk on the beach. It was there that he got down on one knee and told Alyson that she is his person and asked her to marry him. He then told her that her whole family (including his parents) were there on the beach with them to celebrate, and everyone ran out from their hiding places! The proposal was incredibly sweet, and the fact that the whole family was in on it made it even sweeter.

Image 2 of Alyson and Sean

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