Alyson and Nick

how they asked: Nick and I had been together for 7 years, living 1 hour and a half from each other the whole time. (Between our schools and different home towns) He just recently relocated to live with me and getting married was something we have always talked about but wasn’t really on the forefront of my mind. We are both trying to get our dream careers set.

Image 1 of Alyson and Nick

Fast forward to the day of!

It was my childhood Dance studio’s twentieth anniversary recital (I am now a teacher there). Before the show he surprised me with my best friend from New Hampshire whom I hadn’t seen for way to long. I was over the moon happy and was so distracted by my big show and having mine and his family there to watch I was over excited that it brought out my nerves.

It was truly a dream come true to have all my loved ones in one place and I even told a friend backstage that it was the best day ever. Little did I know what he had planned. The show started with out a hitch our teacher/alumni dance opened the show. Killing it of course.

We bowed and started to go off stage when a friend of mine since preschool pulled me to stage right (all while I was yelling at her trying to figure out what was going on!) I look up and see my boss/childhood teacher and coworkers/friends walking to me with flowers giving me hugs and kisses followed by a big group hug with my senior class dancers. It took me up in till that point to understand what was going on. I saw Nicks seat open and him making his way to the stage with flowers.

Image 2 of Alyson and Nick

He totally surprised me getting down on one knee. I couldn’t even utter anything other than squeals! He went to put the beautiful ring on my finger but I couldn’t even think straight and had another ring he gave me on my finger in the process of trying to take it off I dropped it. I was shaking with excitement!

Image 3 of Alyson and Nick

He finally got the ring on my finger and successfully surprised me with the most epic proposal!