Alyson and Jonathan


How We Met

We met in seventh grade and actually “dated” in seventh grade. That only lasted about two weeks because Jonathan went from talking to me every day at school to only calling me at night when his parents went to bed and not talking to me at all at school. Fast forward to ninth grade biology, and alphabetical order by last name landed us by each other for the entire semester. We talked and flirted, but that was that. We then spent the whole summer texting and talking on the phone late into the night, while he constantly tried to convince me to be his girlfriend. On the first day of tenth grade, Jonathan asked me to be his girlfriend and I finally said yes. We were both fifteen years old at the time. Five years, three months, and twenty-two days later, my high school sweetheart asked me to be marry him.

how they asked

It was Saturday, November 28th. The plan was that Jonathan’s family was going to take me out to eat at a restaurant for my birthday, which was on the next day, Sunday. Jonathan and I didn’t see each other all day Saturday, and little did I know, he was getting everything set up to propose to me that night. So he told me he would pick me up at 4:15 p.m. While I was finishing getting ready it crossed my mind that he could be proposing tonight, but the thoughts quickly vanished as I heard Jonathan arrive and he and my dad having their normal conversation about the football games that were on television that day.

He was hurrying me along and telling me his family was waiting on me. I brushed him off and hurried to get out the door. We got outside and I had to run back inside to grab something I forgot. My parents were in the kitchen, my mom was working on my birthday lunch for the next day and my dad was talking about what he was going to fix himself for supper. I told them bye and out I went not thinking anything was out of the ordinary. When I got in the car Jonathan said his dad had called and they were running late and it would be like forty-five minutes. So, he told me he wanted to show me these really pretty trees that he knows I love that he found at the reservoir in our town. So we got to Okatibbee Reservoir, a large lake in our hometown where he supposedly “found the trees” that I like. So we pull up and he tells me to cover my eyes until we park and to count to thirty so that he can be standing by the trees when I open my eyes, so I say okay. I really think I knew at this point what was happening, but I just took a deep breath and felt completely at peace. I opened my eyes after counting to thirty, and there was a note in my lap. The note read: “So…..I’m sure you’ve figured out that there are no trees. But it’s okay! Walk down to where I am and your future will change forever! I love you Alyson.”

I got out of the car and walked down a little hill. He was standing near the waters’ edge between two large trees wrapped in white lights. There was a bench, candles, and little rocks in front of the bench. When I got to the spot we sat down and he turned on a playlist he had made for that night and I heard the song “Holy Spirit” by Francesca Battistelli coming from a speaker. I had told Jonathan a few times that I wanted that song sung at our wedding, so it was perfect for our engagement too! He pulls out a piece of paper with his speech written out, and before he can get through the first sentence he started crying! I was tearing up and shed a few tears once he did. He was saying really sweet stuff but to be honest I couldn’t remember half of it. So I’m glad he wrote it down! He finished his precious proposal speech stood up and he got down on one knee, by the calm lake, with twinkling white lights wrapped around the tall trees, sweet music playing, and as the sun was setting he asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! And the ring is absolutely gorgeous. Then his family came walking out, along with a photographer who had been taking pictures and videoing the whole time, and his best friend. My older sister helped him plan the whole thing out earlier in the week, and she and the rest of my family were at the restaurant waiting for us to arrive. When we got to the restaurant and I saw my mom, dad, aunt, sister, and brother-in-law I really got emotional. They had the tables set up with tons of old pictures of Jon and I, and a cute little chalkboard sign that said “She said YES!”. It was all so so perfect and I feel so blessed to get to spend forever with Jonathan. To make it all the more special, the day Jonathan proposed, the 28th,  would have been my Uncle Chuck’s 54th birthday. Uncle Chuck was like a second daddy to me, and was taken from us far too soon in a tragic helicopter crash in 2010. Jonathan didn’t ever get to meet Uncle Chuck and didn’t even know it was his birthday that day. I feel like my Uncle Chuck was there with us tonight as we celebrated, and I know now he approves of my precious Jonathan.

It truly was the most perfect proposal I could have ever dreamt of and I cannot believe this is real life!



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