Alyson and Jonathan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Univsersity of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio

How We Met

I was working in the bookstore on a cold Monday morning in January of 2013 in the online orders section. This guy comes in wearing his football gear, looking SO cute! I asked him, like I asked all of my customers, what his last name was (so I can find his order). He responded, “Sir-vant-is”. I responded, “Say it RIGHT! It’s ‘Cerrr-vantes’!”

My attempt to flirt was ruined when I began looking for his name in the Rolodex in the “S” section. “Why don’t you spell it RIGHT, my last name starts with a “C”, not an “S”, he said.

I felt so embarrassed, I turned bright red, gave him his books, and he walked away. Later that day, I asked my football friends what his first name was (obviously I remembered his last name) so I could look him up on Facebook. I found out his name and sent a friend request that night. The next day I saw him in my research graduate’s class. As I walked past him after class, I said, “hey, Cervantes, looks like you got the wrong book.” Five years later, we’re planning our wedding, and I’ll soon become Mrs. Cervantes, with a “C”. Finally, June 21, 2019, my dream, will come true, because it all started with a book!

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how they asked

Our story started in our university’s bookstore on a cold January day in 2013. I was the bookstore girl, and he needed help finding his book. Once I Facebook stalked him, then later found out he was in one of my graduate classes, we both connected like a fairy tale. Of course, we had to keep it on the down low for the next six months because I was an athlete and he was a coach…oops! After starting our relationship in Texas at our university, we took our life to the west coast in California. But, he always knew he wanted to ask me to be his wife back where it all started, in Texas, at our university. This past summer in June 2017, we took a trip down memory lane at our college. We met up with some professors and saw some people we knew. At the end of our 2 and half hour tour in the humid 100-degree weather, we stopped at one of the bridges overlooking the river that goes through the school. Luckily there was a bit of a breeze while I was standing against the rails airing out my pits. Sweat was dripping down my back and face. My long hair was stringy with beads of sweat rolling down the base of the back of my neck. My fiance’, Jonathan starts telling me he loves me and tries to hug me from behind. I, of course, wearing a cotton t-shirt, am telling him to get off of me because of how hot and sweaty we both are. I was not in the mood for “cuddling” or “embracing”! I kept telling him, “Jonathan, stop touching me!” Because of what he was about to do, he didn’t stop. I was irritated, he wasn’t listening, it was so muggy, I was done! While I was facing the river on the edge of the bridge, he stopped, got down on one knee behind me, then said “Alyson Michel Gonzales” I stopped, turned around, and started crying! The sweat is rolling down, the tears are rolling down, and after I said “YES” I hugged and kissed his salty face until I stopped crying, sweat and all. I’ve found my forever and I’m keeping him until “death do us part”, through any weather!

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