Alysia and Michael

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How We Met

We met through a mutual friend the summer of 2012. I was working at applebees as a server livin the single life, which was lame, when my friend was asking me what kind of guys I’m into. I gave him a run down and he was like I’ve got the perfect dude. He tells me that his friend will be coming out and that he wants to introduce us. So I agreed. The night I met him. I was a closing server so I had to get everything ready for the morning shift and it was super dead so it was just me and my friend. He came and got me and was like hey my friend is here and he’s in your section. I walked out and all I seen was his back and how wide his shoulders were and how big his arms muscles were and I was like, “high five Sean you did it”. So I went over and flirted my tail off and he was having fun joking with me back. Still to this day he thinks he hook lined and sank me but it was me. After he and our friend left I texted him and was like I really liked your friend we should all get together again.

Well he gave my number to mike and we set up a group date to go see a movie. It was fun but no one can go on a first date to a movie plus it was opening night. But we still had fun. A week later we all met up at our friends house and lit off fire works and had some fun and mike and I got to talk and get to really see what each other was about. I went to leave, and I have to warn y’all I am terrible at names, and he said his goodbye and I completely forgot his name. I almost callled him Steve and he totally called me out on it. Still to this day he doesn’t let that down, I just tell him I was playing hard to get but truth is I forgot. After that night we have been together ever since. We will be celebrating our five year anniversary this July and then next April we will be celebrating the rest of our lives together. He is the kindest, most caring, intelligent, charismatic, goofy, stable, strongest, most loving man I have ever known and I cannot wait to be his wife.

how they asked

December 9,2016 was a very cold day, it was even colder because Mike, Our best friend Josh, my brother, and I all decided to go to Chicago for the Christkindlmarket. Now I am not one for PDA and normally Mike isn’t either, but that day he was all up on me! We’d walk and block and stop at the light and he’d be like, “love you can I have a kiss” this happened almost every stop light. Again no PDA, so I was a bit annoyed by that. That contributed all night as we walked the Lot up streets of Chicago. We went to navy pier and walked around, then to the water tower mall, then to the market to get my fav sauerkraut and potato pancakes. Then we decided to get dinner at our favorite spot, called flattop grill. We got there and I was done dealing with the boys that night. I told them all to let me eat my food in peace. As I was ordering I seen a text alert come up on my phone and it was from mike. I was like ugh can’t he just give me dinner?!? So I ignored it and ate my food. Well after we were done I seen he had texted me a second time so I opened my phone and…. there it was. The texts of all texts. And I quote, “t-minus 2 hours and I’ll be engaged.” Now I knew that text wasn’t meant for me so I showed it to him and his face went pale. He looked so sad and that looking back I wish I hadn’t shown him.

So naturally I thought that had scared him off, it’s been five years so why not another day or whatever. So we brushed it off and went and walked around a little bit more to go take pictures by the big Christmas tree near millennium park. Nothing happened so I figured he changed his plans. We were on the train when he was like, “josh is gonna come to our place and play Pokémon” I didn’t think anything of it cause they are boys and that’s what they do. Well we made it to our train stop and hopped in the car and he stopped at this park, that is shown, that we normally go to to walk around and that’s where they wanted to “catch Pokémon”. Well we got out and started walking and I noticed NO ONE was actually playing. I was like guys it’s negative 7 degrees and we’ve been walking all day let’s go home. Well we were walking up to the gazebo and mike starts talking and I’m not even paying attention to what he’s saying cause I’m annoyed that we are outside in the cold not doing anything when I turn around and he’s down on one knee telling me how when he seen this place he knew it was the place were he’d ask me to be his wife.

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All I could say was “no, no, no”! Then I realized his face looked super confused and that’s when I realized what I was saying and jumped up and said yes. I told him it was about damn time and I didn’t think he was gonna do it since he ruined his own surprise. It was most definitely a beautiful and well “almost” thought out plan. I guess he had been planning it for a while, he even made me think he wasn’t going to get the day off to come with me. It was magical and I honestly wouldn’t have wanted it to be any other way. It was us.