Alysha and Steven

How We Met: We met because our two best friends, Carly and Jackson, starting dating each other. Carly was my roommate in college and Jackson lived right next door to us. Steven, however, was attending college a few hours away. Seeing as how Jackson is Steven’s best friend, and Steven would often come and visit. Whenever Steven visited us I was always so taken by him, I was in the depths of a pretty hardcore crush. About a year into this crush, and about a few drinks in a night with my best friend, I text him: “Hi, I really like you and want to pursue that. No pressure, do what you want with that information. Good night.”

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how they asked: Starting in about mid-February, Steven asked me not to go on his phone. I obviously asked why, and he said that he was looking into a big birthday surprise. I believed him and quickly forgot about the supposed surprise. Time passed and on March 8th we celebrated Steven’s 26th birthday-Living hours away from any family, we celebrated with just the two of us knowing that in about a week we were traveling six hours to visit his family and have a big celebration there. Before the trip to his parents, my best friend Emily, who lives in Hawaii, called me and said that she wanted to go on a Skype girls date with me (get our nails done and buy a new outfit). I was so excited to be able to virtually hangout with her and I remember thinking about how grateful I am to have such considerate and loving friends.

We left to drive to his parent’s house on March 12th. March 14th we had a family birthday celebration for Steven and his sister, Jessica.

March 15th I was woken up by a phone call from Emily at about 8am. I sleepily answered the phone and she said “Good morning beautiful! It’s time to wake up and get ready, because today is going to be a wonderful adventure. No one is home right now, but don’t be alarmed. Just get ready and keep talking to me.” I had a rush of a tingling and shaking feeling, and I could not stop cycling through being confused and excited. I put on my new dress (that I had bought during my Skype girls date), curled my hair, did my makeup, and enjoyed the Starbucks breakfast that was waiting for me in the kitchen. Next to the breakfast was a note that read “roses are red, Starbucks is hot, but today will be an adventure, to many places you’ll trot,” and car keys.

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When it was time for me to leave, Emily told me what I was going to expect. She said that at each location will be a person, and each person will have a riddle that will lead me to another location. She gave me her riddle, and I was off to Boomers (where we celebrated our 3 year anniversary). In the car I could not stop smiling, laughing, and bursting into tears (I must have looked crazy to the people in other cars around me).

Once I got to Boomers, Steven’s dad was waiting for me. He told me how lovely I looked and asked how I felt, to which I believe I responded with an “aaaaaaahhhhhhh.” He gave me the next riddle, and I was off to Rite Aid (the home of our favorite ice cream).

At Rite Aid, Steven’s mom was waiting for me and she was on the phone. I gave her a hug and she handed me the phone saying “there’s someone who wants to talk to you.” On the phone was my best friend of about 10 years, Ashley, who had been living in England for about 9 months. While we message each other constantly, I hadn’t heard her voice in 9 months. I starting crying and laughing (two reactions I was cycling between all day). She told me she loved me, was so happy for me, and gave me my next riddle.

At one of the riddle stops, a donut shop. I walked up to Steven’s sister who was sitting outside the shop and she starting playing guitar and singing “Only Exception.”

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The day continued like this. I made about seven riddle stops. At each stop was one of his wonderful family members and one of my amazing friends via Skype or phone. I Skyped with Carly, my best friend and a crucial person in our dating journey. I Skyped with Jackson and his girlfriend, Kristi. I skyped with our mutual good friend Dan and his girlfriend, Carson. I Skyped with my good friend Heather and her husband, Andrew.

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At the last stop was Steven’s parents, his sister, and a lot of my family on Skype. They all gave me so much love, and then all sent me off to meet Steven.

I left them and had about a five minute walk to both lose it with excitement and collect myself. I turned the corner and saw Steven standing on a small bridge next to a small waterfall that led to a lake. He looked amazingly handsome and was holding a long-stemmed rose. When I finally got to him we hugged, and he looked at me and said “I have some bad news…there is no birthday surprise, but I promise today is going to be an amazing day.”

After a beautiful speech, Steven got down on one knee and proposed. I said “Yes, yes of course!”

We did a lot of hugging and say “oh my god” and talking about the amazing scavenger hunt day that led to this moment.

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He then showed me the small wooden box that he made from scratch (he is a mechanical engineer). After all of the conversation, he said “oh by the way, why don’t you say hi to our photographer!” I turned to the right and she popped out of the bushes! I was floored.

After we had our moment, I went to say goodbye and huge thank you to our photographer. Thinking she was just there for the proposal. Steven looked at me and said “are you ready to take our engagement photos?” We had a two hour long photo session.

After all of the proposal and engagement photos, we went to his parent’s house where his mom had planned an engagement party!

The entire day was a whirlwind of emotions, love, and beauty. Emily was right when she said the day was going to be a wonderful adventure.

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