Alysha and PJ

How We Met

PJ and I met way back in Grade 2. We even have a class photo from Grade 5 standing right beside each other! PJ was a goofy class clown who dressed up as hamburgers for Halloween, did magic, rode a unicycle and was also extremely athletic. I was a goofy, artistic, tall and lanky dancer. We lost touch in Grade 6 when he went to another school but saw each other here and there throughout the years. We ended up at the same University and during that time PJ asked me out a few times. We planned to go to a local market to get fresh supplies to make pizza’s but the plan kind of fell off the rail and didn’t happen. We didn’t talk much after.

Fast forward about 3 years to Christmas Eve 2015. I was at Chapters in our hometown and spotted PJ! I thought in my head *ouuu PJ looks good, I should go talk to him*. Little did I know, he was actually avoiding me because he thought I blew him off when he asked me out on the pizza date! We ended up chatting a bit. I left thinking * Wow. I really want to see him again*. A couple days later he messaged me saying “How about that date from 3 years ago?”. We finally had our pizza making date a couple weeks later. He stole a pizza my heart that night and I haven’t gotten it back since!

how they asked

We had been dating for 2.5 years and had gone on a few fun trips. This time we were off to California to visit some friends and do the coast drive. The one thing PJ really wanted to make sure we did was go to see the Golden Gate bridge, early in the morning when there were less tourists. There’s a secluded spot he heard of on the North side of the bridge, down towards a little fisherman’s wharf where we could get coffee and breakfast. At the end of our trip, we woke up at 6:30 AM to head the spot.

We got there around 8 AM and PJ couldn’t figure out how to get down to the wharf… he was freaking out a bit but since we hadn’t had any coffee yet, I didn’t clue into his weird behaviour. We finally found the area he was looking for. It was such a beautiful and peaceful view. We saw a girl taking pictures of the bridge with a professional camera. PJ said “Let’s get her to take one of us!”, I replied “No, no don’t bother her, it’s too early and she’s in the zone!”. He asked her anyways and we climbed over a couple of rocks to get to a good spot to take a shot. She casually took our photo with PJ’s phone and then asked us “do you mind if I take a photo of you two with my camera? I’m waiting for a couple to do their engagement photos but they’re late.. Since you’re here I wouldn’t mind checking the composition of the photo with the bridge and people in it”. We said sure, thinking nothing of it, though it had been planned months ago.

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She said “That’s perfect.”, which was PJ’s cue! He turned to me and started crying and laughing. I knew right away he was about to propose! Continuing to laugh-cry, he got down on one knee and I waited for him to pop the question! He lost his words for a while and finally uttered “This isn’t a joke” haha! He then asked me to marry him and of course, I said YES! We had the photographer for a half hour after and took some beautiful photos. She pointed out a plaque in the ground near where PJ proposed that no one realized was there that said: “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird”. Like in The Notebook! That’s fate baby! It’s crazy to think that we have known each other for so long and here we are, years later getting married.

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