Alysha and Colin

How We Met

Colin and I kind of knew each through mutual friends, but never really introduced our selves until my roommates hosted a Pirates of the Caribbean movie marathon party. All of my roommates had fallen asleep, so I stayed up to make sure the rest of our guests ended their night safely. Colin and I were the last two awake, and when the final movie ended, we booted up Mario Kart and played a few rounds (which he says he “let me win”). We talked until the sun came up about all of the things we had in common, and the rest was history.

How They Asked

We took our first vacation together to Japan, and as huge Disney fans, we had to stop at Tokyo Disney. Unfortunately, our bags hadn’t made it from Osaka to our Disney hotel yet, so we bought clothes to wear in the park until our bags arrived. We wanted to make reservations at the fanciest restaurant in the park, Magellan’s, but the website was overcrowded. So instead, we waited in front of the restaurant until they opened to make the reservation. We got our spot and spent the rest of the day on rides until our bags arrived at our hotel.

We left to get changed (and he got the ring) our fancy dinner. Everything was perfect, and at the end of our meal, he said something to our waitress in Japanese that I didn’t understand. Neither of us is fluent, but we know enough to get by. Turns out he told her he was going to propose and asked if she could take photos and a video.

Alysha and Colin's Engagement in Tokyo Disneyland

She ran off all excited and got another waitress. I had no idea why they were both there, but he gave them our phones very quickly, and the popped the question, with an official Disney princess ring!!!! And, of course, I dropped the ring because I was so nervous. The following day was so special to us because we rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride together for the first time.

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