Alysa and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I met working in corporate real estate in downtown Charlotte in 2010. I was new to the job and they hadn’t set up my desk yet, so they had me sit at Tyler’s as he was out of town for the week. For that whole week I sat playing with his mini putter, looking at his motivational Ghandi quote he had tacked up and wondering who this person was (there were no pictures). When he came back the next week, and displaced me from (technically his) my desk, I was okay with it because he was both cute and charming.

how they asked

We travel down to Charleston a lot as his brother has a house in nearby Mt. Pleasant. On my birthday night, we had a great time out with his brother and brother’s girlfriend. The next day Tyler told me he had planned a dinner downtown for just us. As I was getting ready for dinner, he said we should take a golf cart ride down to the waterfront, which isn’t uncommon for us to do. The only thing that seemed different about this trip was that it was raining, not ideal for golf carts and fresh curls. We rode around to a great view of the water and downtown Charleston at the Pitt Street bridge and then to one of our favorite spots, a little clearing between two houses with a bench and a beautiful waterfront view. That’s where and when he proposed with a beautiful ring and some tears. After, a photographer popped out from behind a palm – she’d captured the whole thing and proceeded to take some more photos of us in the moments after.

As we went to leave (with photographer in tow) we went back to his brother’s house where he told me to pack my bags – we were relocating for the night. A black SUV picked us up and drove us downtown where Tyler had both of our families waiting to celebrate. They had traveled from Charlotte and Winter Park, FL. I saw my baby niece and immediately started crying. We ate, drank and celebrated the amazing evening.

After dinner, we went to the hotel Tyler had booked – the nicest in Charleston. We sat in our room, ordered room service and relived the day.

He did an amazing job and put so much time and effort into the proposal. It’s a day I will always remember.

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