Alysa and Donnie

how we met

There are two accounts of what happened that day. 1. We met sitting on a bench outside the Muddy River Cafe at Emmanuel College where we went to school.2. We met inside the Muddy River Cafe. Neither of us will ever know the exact place, but she is “always right”.It was our sophomore year in college at RA training, and our icebreaker was to line up by birthday. He asked three questions, when is your birthday, where are you from, and what’s your favorite restaurant. All three answers matched, with the weirdest being we share the same birthday, March 3rd 1995.

how they asked

We got engaged in the same city that we met, Boston Massachusetts. The plan was for the proposal to happen in front of the Muddy River at Emmanuel College, but the plan fell through and he had to improvise. He asked for a picture, she insisted on food, so he had to go to plan b. Our friends from Seattle were in town with us and “needed” a picture by the waterfront. Our friends asked if we wanted a picture and he popped the question. She was thrilled and suprised.

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