Alysa and Anthony

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How We Met

My fiancé and I met at our first professional jobs after college. We are both in Human Resources. About a few months after I left that job, he was still working there. One night we went out with mutual friends/coworkers from that job and that night something clicked. I just suddenly saw him differently. We both saw eachother differently, though he claims he always had a crush on me. But we have picture proof I made the first move! The funny part is how we didn’t meet before! Ironically we both went to Stockton College our freshman year and then transferred to Rutgers. It wasn’t until we both met at our first HR jobs 4 years later! Even when we worked together, we never were more than friends who occasionally went out with a group of coworkers.

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What was so scary that night was that he started experiencing severe chest pains. He found out the next morning that around the same time he was experiencing those chest pains (which was not common for him,) his grandmother had passed away. He told me later on when we were dating that he feels that while she was leaving his life, she made it a point to bring me into his.

How They Asked

Due to the pandemic, he felt bad that my birthday in June would feel different, so for my present, he surprised me with an Air BnB. It was this adorable chateau called The Firetower. It was a one-bedroom secluded little home with remarkable views. The second floor had a wrap-around porch with the most spectacular scenery. A few days before we left he told me that he wanted us to get dressed up one night and he would cook me dinner. That second night we viewed as a “date night.” We drank wine, sang, and danced around the kitchen while he cooked us pasta (my favorite.) Finally, when we went to start eating on the 2nd-floor deck and he pointed out there was no spoon for the cheese.

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A side note: as long as we have been dating, whenever we travel somewhere or go somewhere special, he steals me a spoon from that place. When he went to sprinkle the cheese on my dish, I thought what a great time to boomerang! Ironically enough it took 4 spoonfuls of cheese and 2 boomerangs before I realized what was written on the spoon.

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Finally, I saw, “Alysa, will you marry me?” and he walked around and the table and proposed! It was so romantic and so us, with a beautiful view and over a bowl of pasta. I could not have dreamt of a better night.

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