Alyona and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I met at our childhood church , we attend the same youth group sense middle school and had the same friends . After years of friendship we grew even closer and began dating !

how they asked

We had a group of some of our closest friends over for a Christmas party and Jordan walked into the house in a Santa costume.. we all waited for him to get home from work to do the gift exchange. I was really thrown off by this but we all just thought he was just being funny, it got a good laugh.
As we played white elephant (gift exchange game ) jordan picked all the names out of a hat and handed out the gift to each person. I was bummed i got picked very last .. everyone heard me complain about how I was going to get the “crappy” gift that was left last . I Walked up , looked down into the Christmas bag and Jordan pulled the ring box out and got down on one knee. I was completely shocked and overwhelmed with joy ! I said yes to the love of my life . And was surrounded by all of my closest friends which could not have made me happier and made this proposal so special .

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