Alyce and Adrian

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How We Met

Adrian and I met at high school, I had such a huge crush on him back then (but I think every girl did.. he was such a hottie!) we were in the same friendship groups and were friends with the same people. It was only around 5 years after high school where we rekindled our friendship. We hung out almost every day. My girlfriend and I crashed his “boys fishing trip weekend,” nothing happened but we had a fun weekend hanging out. Ever since then we were kind of inseparable and just fell for one another… and the rest is history I guess.

how they asked

I had never been to Sydney and work needed me to fly down for an event, so I asked Adrian to meet me there after work and we could spend the weekend exploring. I flew in on a Thursday morning, took the Friday as an annual day and Adrian was “supposed” to meet me Saturday morning. Little did I know he flew in on Friday morning organizing the finishing touches for the proposal with the jeweler, hotel and of course my proposal co. He was calling me all day on Friday… I mean every hour on the hour to see where I was making sure I was making the most of my day off in Sydney. I didn’t think anything of it, I just thought to myself, I’m alone in another city he is just being overprotective; when really, he was trying not to run into me as he was only staying a block away from my hotel.

Saturday morning comes around and Adrian meets with me in the CBD. We go onto check onto into the Park Hyatt. We went out for dinner at Rockpool, I didn’t see not one ouch of nervousness from Adrian all the way, we went back to our hotel after dinner and I’ll never forget walking to our room an hearing the TV being on, it was loud and “I said to myself I turned that off before we left for dinner.” Adrian opened the door and all I see is rose petals on the floor- the TV noise was actually beautiful music. Adrian grabbed me by the hand and walked me into the room, covered with rose petals and candles and I could feel the tears coming on. He got down on 1 knee and I heard clicking – I knew someone else was there, so I went into shock mode and contained myself- and he popped the question.

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