Alyana and Eric

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How We Met

We met in 10th grade in band class! He played the tuba and I played the clarinet. I was switched to bass clarinet so I got moved to the bass section. We had classes here and there throughout high school, but we didn’t get to know each other until senior year. We had gym class and band class together. We got to know each other more and started hanging out! Eric and I clicked then we went to college together and we’ve been together ever since. We had our ups and downs with the many life stages we experienced but we always stuck by each other! We’re living together now and have a dog!

How They Asked

Eric and I wanted to start a tradition of traveling somewhere warm in the cold months of January and February. We decided to travel to Cancun and this was our first time traveling internationally together! He had scheduled us a photoshoot on the resort and he proposed on the dock at the ocean. The photographer had me looking ahead and then had me turn around! There he was on one knee and I don’t remember what he said because I was so excited and started happy crying. It was amazing and it’s a moment I’ll never forget! It took us 8 years to finally be at this milestone! We are excited for the adventures ahead!

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