Aly and Tom

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How We Met

I can remember the first few times I saw Tom and how nervous I was. We both worked out at the same gym, whenever I saw that he was there at the same time as me I would avoid eye contact or I would try to avoid being in the same area, our gym is very small so that was hard to do. Tom had wanted to say hi several times but thought that my lack of eye contact meant I wasn’t interested. However, there was one particular night that I was dragging my feet going to the gym, I had gotten off work later than normal and just wanted to go home. Once I got myself to the gym I realized I forgot my AirPods but I was already there and would do without them. Tom also got done work later than normal that day and was also there. We were one of the few at the gym because it was so late, and since our gym is so small we ended up in the same area of the gym, something I had successfully avoided for months. Since I didn’t have my headphones I seemed more approachable and Tom took his shot, he nonchalantly asked if I was done using a piece of equipment, I was taken off guard and quickly answered him, a few seconds later I realized he wasn’t really asking about the equipment…so to keep conversation going, I asked if he could show me how to use the machinery, even though I full well knew how ;) we struck up a conversation and we ended up having so much in common. We talked about our jobs, where we were from, our faith and our churches. We exchanged numbers and went on our first date a few days later. After leaving the gym I texted one of my girlfriends telling her that I just met my future husband. And here we are one year later!

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How They Asked

It was our 1 year anniversary, Tom told me the day before he had the whole day planned and we were going to go on a day date. He told me it was going to be a bit of a drive to get there so he asked me to meet him at his house at 7am. I grumbled at the early time but agreed to get myself up early enough to be there. The night before Tom gave me a thoughtful anniversary card to read when I woke up to start the day off! I pulled myself together in time and headed to his house which sits on a lake in South Jersey.

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When I pulled in the sun was just starting to rise over the lake and to my surprise, Tom was standing in front of a beautiful arrangement of 100 pumpkins, 120 candles, and twinkling lights in the trees. When I first saw the set up I thought we were having breakfast at sunrise on the lake but as I got closer I saw the carved pumpkins that read “Marry Me?” Que squeals and tears! It was the most romantic gesture and I am still in awe of how he pulled off such a beautiful surprise! Later in the day, we went to New Hope, PA, Tom had arranged a train ride through the fall foliage. We ended the day with all our family and champagne toasts! It was the most beautiful day that I will cherish for years to come!

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