Aly and Sid

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Sid was my saving grace in middle school. I was a young teenage girl in desperate need of a good friend. Sid was by my side through every challenge I faced. We dated in 8th grade and broke up after a year. Sid was still one of my closest and most dependable friends. We tried dating again in high school, but we were both at different phases in our lives. We still remained friends.

Until one day, I was proposed to by an wonderful man. A few months after I got engaged, Sid and I ran into each other at a party. Sitting on the front porch of my best friends house, Sid started crying. He expressed his feelings stating, “I have always loved you and I always will. You are the girl that I want to marry. I always thought that we had one more chance together.” I was caught off guard. He was truly crying. I told him, “you know what you want out of a partner, so don’t settle for anything less than what you want. I will always love you, you know that.”

After that party I decided it was inappropriate to hang out with Sid. I moved over two hours away, so our friendship consisted of random and few text messages. I was engaged for three years and called off the wedding because my fiancé and I wanted different things long term. When I moved home Sid and I ran into each other a few times. After trying to fight our emotions and feelings for each other, we both caved and started dating for the 3rd time. After 11 years of being best friends, dating 3 times, we are finally engaged!

Aly Van's Proposal in Gladwin, Michigan

We on our family vacation. All we do is fish, drink, fish, eat, drink, and fish. I was up by the cottage with my parents, and Sid was down at the dock. He called me down there, “Hey Al come here, look at this fish!” I walked down there and he told me that I had just missed the fish. Then he grabbed my arms and looked at me and said “you know that I have loved you ever since eighth grade?”. “Yes” I answered. “And I will love you forever”, he continued. His voice was shaking and he was so nervous. “Are you proposing?!” I asked. With tears in his eyes he said yes. I grabbed his face and kissed him. “Will you fish with me for the rest of my life?” He asked. And I said “it would be my honor to our fish you every day.”

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