Aly and Josiah

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How We Met

Josiah and I have your classic love story: boy meets girl in gas station; are inseparable ever since.

I ran into him as a 10th-going-on-11th grader when two groups of friends converged in our neighborhood hang out spot, the Topstar Gas Station slash Mini Mart. He was over at a neighbor/mutual friend’s house for a graduation party and they came by so I could see my friends. I didn’t know that they were bringing him, but when I saw him, I knew two things: he was probably the most attractive guy I had ever met, and he was probably way out of my league. He was dressed like Kellin Quinn circa 2010: tight white V neck, black skinny jeans, and dark punky hair. He was the kind of guy I’d seen in my favorite music videos.

I told him the other day, if it hadn’t worked out I don’t know if I could confidently say it now, but it did so I will: I knew from the moment I met him that we would get married one day. Stupid and ridiculous, I know. But what I didn’t know was that he obviously had a thing for stupid and ridiculous. That day he would personally try to deny me graduation party cake and reluctantly give in and give me some, but not before I made him “angry” for one reason or another and he threw some small rocks at me in the alleyway. We talked legitimately non stop from that moment on, from the moment I woke up till five hours after I should have been asleep (I was still a teenager so I had a curfew).

Our first date was at a concert in Doylestown that my dad drove me to (because I was what, 16?) where I made all the first moves which was weird and unlike me but I knew I had to because I knew I was supposed to be with him. We had our first kiss that night while Anthony Green played live music. We’ve probably been to about 100 concerts together since then, but that one will always be my favorite.

how they asked

Josiah and I went on our 7 year anniversary beach trip this year to Wildwood Crest, a beach I spent every summer on with my family, as a little girl. He had a proposal plan: the ring box was shaped like a golf ball, which he was going to fool me with at a mini golf course because we love mini golf. Unfortunately, right before this golf trip we decided to walk to the boardwalk, which ended up being about 2 miles and I am not about that life so I was feeling unwell/lazy/fat. Also, there were too many people around, which wasn’t as intimate as Josiah would have liked.

So he held onto the golf ball until we went to the beach at sunset for the nightly routine: sitting in chairs and drinking craft beer. He stole some golf balls at the course so he had an excuse as to why his pockets were bulging with golf balls. As a color decoy, he had chosen white that day, which I gave him a lot of shit for because it was a boring choice. (though I see why he did it now, still, booooo.)

ANYWAY, we went for a walk on the beach as the sun was almost gone – we were the only people on the beach. He started showing me the golf balls in his pocket. Then he said, “look at this golf ball. its kinda weird, right? its fuzzy.” and I was like, okay…Then he got down on one knee in the wet sand. I don’t remember much of what he said obviously because I was losing my mind, but I remember the ending: a call back to the best game show of all time, Cash Cab. “So, whaddya’ say? You wanna do this? Will you marry me?”

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And then I said “what the f?*!? yes! of course!” and he gets to live with that memory for the rest of his life, which he will never let me live down but I don’t care. We went back to our hotel room to order sushi, drink Maine Beer Company’s “A Tiny Beautiful Something” (sorry you never got free stuff from MBC for featuring them in your proposal night, Siah) and watch the Hawaii special of Impractical Jokers – I couldn’t have written a more perfect ending to the night. (Also, there was an insane lightning storm on the beach that blew my mind. Thank you, weather.)

BY THE WAY: Josiah will tell you he was nervous, or scared, or whatever as an excuse, but I beat his sorry ass at mini golf that day. Suck it, fiancée.

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