Aly and Hunter

how we met

Hunter and I met in 7th grade at a basketball tournament! Hunter knew I was the one before we even started dating! He loved me before we were together! There wasn’t a specific moment I knew Hunter was the one, but throughout our time together he has always put me first, he has always been soooo nice and so caring, he is an all around great guy and that really attracted me towards him! The way I feel when I’m with Hunter, I just knew he was the one, always.

how they asked

Hunter had been planning the proposal for about a month! He wanted it to be a surprise ( which it was, I had no idea). He sent me on a scavenger with all my close friends and family at each stop! On the last stop I was blindfolded and took me to where hunter was! He was waiting for me at a gazebo in his backyard! When I arrived my blindfold was taken off and I got to see Hunter and the beautiful set up! It was a dream!

Special Thanks

Fieldstone Photography
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