Aly and Andrew

The day was filled with much to do as I had to bring my car in to get the breaks fixed, get a haircut, and then go to work from 4pm to 8pm. A few hours before work, Andrew had told me that he would be bringing me dinner at 6:30pm. I was reluctant at first, due to the fact that we were both trying to save money and not spend it. But, after he was VERY persuasive, I said okay and that I was looking forward to whatever he decided to bring!

6:30 rolled around, Andrew walked through the doors of my work carrying a plastic bag filled with Chinese food from my family’s favorite restaurant. My favorite dishes there are sesame chicken and a sauteed green bean dish. He sure did good…and brought BOTH of them.

We stayed near the front of the store so I could attend to customers if need be( I worked at a small Christian bookstore) and we started to eat. A few moments in, I told Andrew that it was so sweet of him to bring Chinese food like this so unexpectedly! He then proceeded to give me the most awkward, boyish looking smile I had EVER seen him make. So strange…that I lost my appetite! After only about 5 minutes, he told me that he was going to have to leave to let out his dog at home, since the family was not home due to his sister Shauna having a baby. I was confused that he had to leave me after driving all the way(45 minutes) to bring me food, but said okay as I knew it was his responsibility.

Some customers came up to the registers and I started to help them, when all of the sudden another MorningStar employee, Christine, walked in. I was helping customers, so I did not say hello to her, and then Andrew quickly interrupted me saying, “I gotta go Aly!! I’ll meet you at your house after work!” I gave him a quick glance and an awkward “okay!” as I looked back at the customers with an apologetic smile.

I helped the customers and said hello to Christine, as I was surprised to see her on her night off. Then, I got a text from Andrew saying, “Don’t forget the fortune cookie…”. I walked over and opened up the packaged fortune cookie and to my surprise, it read, “There is a box in the back room with your name on it. Love, Andrew”. My heart started beating faster.. What is going on!!? I grabbed Christine to show her and ran to the back. NO BOX TO BE FOUND!! I looked everywhere! Several frantic texts later, he responded saying, “Big, left side, look under stuff.” I started throwing boxes everywhere as I tried to find this surprise box that was awaiting me! Christine told me I looked psycho, but I did not care!

Finally, I found the box. It was filled with packaging material…but at the bottom was a white box containing a velvet ring box with a yellow ribbon. I opened up the ring box to find an origami ring placed in the ring slot and a small skeleton key. Underneath the white box cover read “ITS TIME. This key unlocks a box in your car.” I apologized to Christine and asked if she could cover the front while I went to my car! In my passenger seat was an antique wooden jewelery box. I ran inside and unlocked the box. Inside was a familiar looking heart rock (which I love hunting for and collecting) and a sticky note. The sticky note read: “Meet me where you found this.” and on the back it said, “hint: this is the first heart rock you ever found with me.”

I knew exactly where to meet him… The Old Stone Church in West Boylston by my house.

At this time, it was 7:10pm and the store did not close until 8pm. I asked Christine what I was going to do and that is when she told me her secret….! She was there on purpose…TO COVER FOR ME!! She helped me gather my things and pushed me out the door. I drove the 20 minutes to the Old Stone Church. I parked along the side of the road and walked down the dirt pathway in the dark. As I started walking down…I saw candlelight from the steps of the church. As I got closer, I saw dozens of tea lights and some bigger candles scattered on the steps with a box and bouquet of Gerber daisies. I knelt down and took off the bouquet…opened the box to find inside the post office box(if you read THE BEGINNING of us above you’ll see the connection here) junior mints, sour patch watermelons, gushers, popcorn and the movie Life Is Beautiful with a wax sealed letter. I opened up the letter and it read 10/20/10 in big writing. I gasped…and my favorite song, Saro by Sam Amidon (the song we danced to at our wedding) started echoing throughout the church inside. Andrew came out from around the corner and walked down the steps as he then proceeded to get down on one knee and ask my hand in marriage! And I willingly said YES!!! Everything was perfect and I could not have asked for a better story!