Aly and Alex

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At Home  on Valentines Day!

How We Met

In the summer of 2010, I was living in Waltham, MA taking a summer course at Bentley. I had an internship, an apartment and an AMAZING roommate. Mid June, I was “let go” from my internship, for spending too much time on school and frantically needed to find a job. After a quick freak out session, I pulled up my big girl pants and marched into Bertuccis, in Waltham and asked for a job. I got the job and began training immediately. On my final shift of training, I was paired to work with this scruffy looking guy, who was beyond cute… and wanted NOTHING to do with me! So me being my 21 year old, cute self began flirting and going on and on about how I was just 21 and in college, etc… Thinking I was so cool and impressing this “older” guy! To which Alex replied, in his deadpan way, “I’m in college too…” I thought he was MUCH older than me. From that point on, he was hooked (he might tell it differently, but I’m setting up the site :)) Our first date was supposed to be on July 4th to watch the fireworks in Winthrop, MA with some of his friends, but as fate would have it our manager put us both on to close the restaurant. Our OFFICIAL first date, we decided to keep it low key and watch a movie at my apartment. Alex said he was going to bring over “champagne” and showed up with a 6 pack of miller high life… The Champagne of Beers…. From that point on he had stolen my heart. We spent the summer going out in the city, going to baseball games, movies, etc… We met each-other’s family and friends. We went on trips, had many adventures and had a great time. The rest was history!

how they asked

In Feb 2016, I was visiting my Grandmother in CA, whose had a cocktail ring that I’ve wanted since I was a little girl. On that visit, she asked me if I would be ok if she offered it to Alex as an engagement ring. I naturally said YES! and from there knew NOTHING ELSE… My dad brought it back and held onto it until Alex asked for it… Which I found out later happened in Dec, 2016. On Valentines Day 2017, I had just gotten home from a trip to Florida to visit my grandparents. I had caught a terrible cold, and gotten home late on the 13th. I woke up, greeted Alex and went about my day. We both work from home, so it was a perfectly normal day. That afternoon, I went to the Doctor and was about to go get some soup, but decided to go home instead. Normally we’re not a super romantic couple, and don’t really do gifts or cards for V-Day… when I walked in, Alex had this look on his face and immediately I see a valentines day gift bag. My immediate thought was “This was if this isn’t the ring, its a really mean joke”. I said to him “whats this…” he told me to open it, when I did, I started freaking out, I barely heard him say “Will you Marry Me?” I remember kissing him, saying “Yes” then I made him ask again so I could hear him say it!!

Where to Propose in At Home  on Valentines Day!