Alvina and Dan

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How We Met

Dan and I met through a mutual friend. She was hosting a Bible study at her house and we were both invited along with a few others. We really didn’t pay much attention to each other, he thought I was cute but that’s about as far as it went. A few months later I was in a store with some friends and I ran into Dan who was there with some of his friends! I invited everyone to my house for some board games and a movie night. From there our friendship started growing and at one point all of my girl friends were out of the country so I was hanging out with Dan every day! He had just sold his car at the time so I was frequently giving him rides and we even became gym buddies; all the while we were both denying feelings for each other. I did have a slight crush on him but I knew that he had no feelings for me, so I made sure he didn’t find out how I felt about him. It was getting harder to pretend like I had no feelings for him and it didn’t help the fact that we started face timing!

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Dan is an upfront and honest guy, that’s one of the things I like about him. So I knew that he would soon ask why I was always so interested in hanging out with him. Sure enough it was another night and we were face timing. Towards the end of our conversation he asked how I really felt about him and I confessed that I might have had a slight crush. I had nothing to lose so I didn’t want to lie and my honesty caught him off guard. He ended up leaving me hanging and saying goodbye without telling me how he felt! Dan thought about our relationship that night and the next day he said that he wouldn’t deny having feelings for me, and from there it was history!

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how they asked

Dan and I were ice-skating at the Frog Pond in Boston enjoying the beautiful winter day. About 20 minutes in we started talking and he was like “so…what’s your favorite memory of us?” And I was like “Well I can’t think of one moment so why don’t we share our top five?” Dan liked that idea so we started sharing moments that we loved.

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While we were talking the workers made an announcement that the Zamboni was going to come out so everyone had to get off the ice. Dan started freaking out a little and was like “come on let’s make one more circle” and I was like “no I don’t think they’ll let us!” But he grabbed my hand and we skated into the center (at this point everyone was off the ice) and he said, “why don’t we make this our favorite memory?” And he started to bend down and I was like “noooooo!”

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I’m not sure what happened after- I was so shocked, happy and excited! The crowd started cheering and clapping, I think I said yes!

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