Alvina and Angel


My brother that Friday told me that we were all going to eat with Angel and his family before I left to China. He told me Angel wanted to get the family together and have a nice dinner. I figured why not. I get to the restaurant with my family and EVERYONE is there even my two best friends.  So then I got to suspicious. As I finished eating I ask Angel, “Hey so I  had a hunch?” He looked at me and said, “Sorry hun, but hey we are getting there soon though.” I just said ok and rolled my eyes wanting to cry cause I was bummed but, I fought the tears. Angel steps out and brings a gift bag I get nervous and think it’s the ring but, it’s a Polaroid mini he got me for me trip. We were going to take pictures with a sign that said, “We will miss you!”

I first took a picture with my mom and Angel then, he wanted one of us two but it didn’t make sense to me because we were still holding the same sign (so I thought). We took the picture and we are waiting for the film to develop. I keep walking around and I just glance at it and don’t pay any attention to it cause either way I was convinced he wasn’t going to  propose. Until, his friend told me to look at the “quality” of the picture and then I see had a sign that said “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” I freaked out, turned around to him and he was on one knee asking me the same question! I said, “Yes…” As I covered my head cause i was nervous  and awkward had no idea how to react! Haha