Alveena and Fawad

How We Met

Our mom’s have actually been friends for a long time now, but we didn’t really know about each other since I had moved to NYC a while back. About a year before I moved back I saw her in a picture on Facebook with my mom and just thought she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen! Finally when I moved back to my hometown in LA, and where she lived I just knew I had to meet her. So through a mutual friend I got her phone number and added her on Facebook. Kind of cheesy but there was no way I could not meet this girl!

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how they asked

Our anniversary is about a week away, so I figured it would be too obvious to do then. So I decided to do it the week before. We out for some ice cream and then took a drive a long the coast. I told her I had a small gift for her so we should probably pull over so I can give it to her. She was the one suggested that we should stop at the cliff that we stopped at on our very first dates. I acted dumb and pretended that I didn’t know where it was or what she was talking about. So when she directed me on how to get there, we got out of the car and and walked to enjoy the view. I gave her the gift which was a website I built for her,, which contained a video of photos and videos we have taken throughout the entire relationship. By the end of the video she was already starting to tear up. So I just let her know how being at the cliff reminded me of the last time we were there and how I knew she was the one. Then when I got down on one knee and showed her the ring she was in total shock. After she said yes, our sisters popped out of the car they were hiding and watching from and joined us. She was in total shock because she was the one who suggested we stop there but little did she know our sisters were waiting for us, and the random “tourist” taking pictures was actually our photographer who was there to capture the whole moment!

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Special Thanks

Lawrence Tolentino
 | LoLo Photo