Alvaro and Emily

How We Met

We met via an online dating app, after messaging back and forth we met in Seattle at a coffee shop (prior to the holidays, in 2015); she traveled home to Chicago for Christmas and we kept in touch all that time. By our 3rd date we would’ve already traveled out of the state and knew we had something monumental happening.

We’ve traveled to Paris, Amsterdam, Iceland in just over 1 year of dating and our most recent trip was to Peru… I’m from Peru so we traveled to Lima to visit my family and made a detour to one of the wonders of the world: Machu Picchu. Long story short, I got on one knee and popped the question!

how they asked

Before leaving to Peru I called her parents to ask for their blessing. I love both of them and wanted to do the traditional thing of meeting with her dad and ask for his blessing; however due to time constraints and distance a phone call had to do; good thing I was able to capture the conversation so I’ll never forget her dad’s message. Before Peru, I had been meaning to make a travel video for a while since our last trip to Iceland/France/Netherlands and I got some equipment ready and brought it to Machu Picchu. I thought it was just going to be me and Emily during our trip and had planned out the proposal to be captured with a camera on a tripod; however – last minute before going to the ruins – we got a tour guide and I gave him the camera instead and whispered that I was going to propose that day.

During our tour of Machu Picchu I asked our guide for a place with a great view of the Machu Picchu ruins and he thankfully picked the BEST place I could’ve ever pictured and I got down on one knee at that time, Emily was so happy.

Our Video

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