Alura and Joshua

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How We Met

Josh and I met on a dating website. I was working retail (crazy hours) and he was working in the oil and gas industry (always out of town). Both of us had little time for a social life and we both couldn’t believe we were trying online dating! We exchanged quite a few messages before meeting at a bar with friends one night. We definitely hit it off and had a blast! We had several dates after the first meeting and it wasn’t long before Josh would just stay with me rather than going to his parents house whenever he was getting off of a long job. For awhile, we didn’t tell our families how we really met- this was before online dating was super common. After our families got to know the other person, we made sure to tell them how we really met. It makes for a funny story now!

how they asked

Months in advance, Josh began planning a top-secret trip where he planned to propose. He told few people about the details he had planned to surprise me. For the most part, he spoke to family and a couple close friends about the secret trip but no one knew how he was going to propose. Josh packed all of my things in secret. He took one or two things at a time that he knew I wouldn’t notice.

On Wednesday evening when I went to yoga, Josh invited Nick over to get him setup for housesitting the next few days. Josh also finished last minute packing at this time. We went to sleep. At about 2am Josh got out of bed, claiming that he needed to use the restroom. He went downstairs and started to get all of their belongings together for the trip. At 3am, he came into the bedroom to wake me up. He started recording a video in the hallway but forgot to turn the camera around so he only captured sound when waking me up.

Josh woke me up delicately but just said “You need to get up, put these clothes on and hop in the truck.” I was confused as to why I needed to get up at 3am. After asking a few questions, I discovered that we would be going on a trip and that I didn’t need to go to work that day. I got very excited at that point. Josh took my phone and said I couldn’t have it for the rest of the day to make sure the surprise could come to fruition. I begged Josh to let me email my boss for confirmation of the days off (even though Josh already worked everything out with my boss). He allowed me to send the email and then he kept ahold of my phone for the rest of the day.

Hours later, we arrived in St. Thomas and caught a cab ride to the Marriot Frenchman’s Resort. I was pleasantly surprised by how well Josh managed to pack my things and not forget the necessities. Unfortunately, with the stress of packing my things, Josh managed to forget his own underwear!

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2 days later, after I stopped thinking Josh was going to propose, He took me to Magen’s bay and proposed.

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He had Flytographer capture everything. It was so romantic!

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Special Thanks

Brianna Bennett
 | Flytographer