Althea and Malcolm

How They Asked

Both of us are like most people – we like to share some aspects of our lives with everyone as well as keep some of it private & intimate at other times .. Now while I knew she would want something that involved everyone close to us, I knew she would’ve preferred a private affair! That was quite the challenge…I’m so glad I paid attention to all those times she told me what she liked ! .. hehe .. Thinking about the perfect way to propose is tough so I started to brainstorm, & different ideas were being pieced together; I knew I wanted to personalize this rather than keeping it generic. It would take a little more effort, but she was worth it! ..

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At the bride’s house

After a long thought process, I settled on one idea & went for it – I knew I had to keep it simple. The venue was her house in Bandra since she loved her home & is a proud Bandra girl, the decorations were filled with about 200 tea lights & candles so the ambience & lighting was romantic the music was our song on repeat so the mood was set & I got these brilliant transparent tea light pegs that you could hang between walls & which could hold up pictures.

So here’s how He did it (story as he would narrate)

*1* – Make a list of people and assign 15 letters of the alphabet to them! Get them to hold up a printout of the letter in their hands or flash it on their phone display & then click a selfie & then send that picture back to me which I will print and hang from those pegs…_quick & easy !_

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At the bride’s house

*2* – Planned an entire day out for her on her birthday ; some activities involved her family & some just the 2 of us. After a full day of playing with at the doggy daycare, having a filling lunch, flying a plane & thinking herself out of a mystery room, I then took her out to dinner so towards the end she was exhausted. Then I booked her parents for a late-night so they would be busy & asked Alisha (her sister) to help me decorate …..!!! Post dinner, Alisha took Althea out for some / rest while I went to finish off the remaining decorations.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At the bride’s house

*3* – She came back home, I was waiting downstairs & told her it was not her birthday anymore & that it was past 12 but there was still one more surprise for her waiting upstairs. _[she always told me how the 13th was a lucky date in general for her & her family …I paid attention..phew! ]_ We came upstairs, got her to wear a blindfold & then got her to enter the living room which was hot ? by now…200 candles Althea and Malcolm's Engagement in At the bride’s house

*4* – Our song was playing in the background which she says got her to relax & then I took the blindfold off. She saw the setup & loved it…Walked over to the pictures & loved them all.

However, she did not see that the pictures had some significance. After paying closer attention, all those letters from different people when held together spelled out _” WILL YOU MARRY ME? “_ .. She was shell-shocked & turned around to see me on one knee with the ring in my hand telling her how much she meant to me & knowing how much I meant to her… I told that I’m glad I got to experience so much about life with her by my side & I did not want to waste another second waiting to make that permanent. I even added that even though this might involve possible injury in the future (i am a big dude & need space; she’s a little thing & tries to squeeze in while I don’t know & I move my hand & unknowingly get her chin every time ]_

I want her to consider it & asked her if she would marry me anyway!

Her eyes were gleaming on seeing me with the ring which made her so happy that she came down on her knees herself & kissed me instantly while having the biggest smile on her face .. .. I said wait wait .. first give me an answer .. she’s like – yes yes you idiot, yes ! .. I put the ring on her finger, _mentally messaged Beyoncé that I put a ring on it_, laughed to myself like an idiot & then stared down my gorgeous fiancé !

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