Alter and Newliegay

How We Met

Our story, Alter and Newlie. First of all, we thank you for this opportunity. We want to share our story to help and inspire other people. Me and Newlie, met since we’re collage at she was entering medical school at i was at Technology Technical School. We’re friends about 2yrs then i started to let her feel that i love her. We’ve lost our communication after we graduated. After 2yrs, we’ve met again and that time we talked for a several months we are already in a new stage of relationship as boyfriend anf girlfriend. After 1yr, she need to go to abroad for her profession as a Registered Professional Nurse. She went to other country to work, and i left here in the Philippines as i continued my profession in teaching. It has a very big trial for us to overcome all sadness and missing each other that we feel. After a year she return to Philippines for a vacation, then i planned for a engagement proposal. And it was successful. In Gods guidance. :) Thank you.

how they asked

We visited a Resort at Davao city called La isla bonita beach resort, talikud island, Philippines. Infront of the Pacific Ocean. Together with us with my boyfriend are also my two bestfriends since college. When we went there they told me to prepare for a swim at the beach and after we get wet they told me to go to our room and have a rest and sleep. I did to. came after me and we have some conversations. Around at 6pm in the evening i woke up and he’s not beside me, i went outside and look after him. When i go to the beach side i saw him with many candles surround him. And was i crying for emotions, so this is it, this is the day that he asked my precious Big YES. And ofcourse a gave it to him with you all my heart. he proposed to me infront of the Pacific ocean and my dream come true.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in La isla Bonita beach resort, Talikud island, City of samal island Davao, Philippines

Alter and Newliegay's Engagement in La isla Bonita beach resort, Talikud island, City of samal island Davao, Philippines

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