Janessa and Alphonse

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How We Met

It all started two years ago when my friend Kylie, had mentioned that she wanted to set me up with her cousin. I’ll never forget when she said his name was “Alphonse Anthony Jacobellis III” I thought to myself….what is he a prince or something?! Little did I know, from that day forward he would become my real life prince charming. The first night we met, we were at his cousin, Kylie’s, engagement dinner. I remember sitting at the end of a long farm table, seeing him walk in. Kylie tapped me on the shoulder and said “that’s Alphonse!” I remember my stomach dropping to the floor, I was so nervous to meet him. Me being me, I kept it cool on the outside while I was secretly dying on the inside. He was good looking, clean cut, dressed well, and a complete gentleman. I didn’t admit this to anyone (and have never told anyone this until NOW!), but a voice in my head told me that night, that was the man I was going to marry (sounds crazy I know.) The rest is history and well, here we are!

how they asked

Three weeks before my life changed forever, Alphonse told me that his mom had won a private chef to come cook at the house from a silent auction she attended. I thought, “awesome that sounds super fancy and fun!” Every Monday morning, we write a new little note on the chalkboard next to the coffee pot for the week to come. He had left this note, and oblivious me thought nothing of it. Little did I know there was a bigger meaning to these words that I would soon learn a few short days later…

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Friday rolls around, I had gotten home from work and was relaxing on the couch in my leggings and sweater. Alphonse came home from “work” (after the proposal I found out he had been setting this all up all day and not actually working – he put on his work clothes and everything so I wouldn’t catch on…because I’m like an FBI and catch onto everything) I asked him if I needed to dress nicer or not. He told me no and what I was wearing was totally fine. Thank god I changed and at least put jeans on!!! I had been texting with his brother’s girlfriend, Francesca, earlier in the day about how excited I was for this chef and how we were going to sip the night away…so needless to say I was super excited already. When we arrived to the house, I turned the corner and saw the setup.

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At that point, I knew what was happening and I swear to you all I started hyperventilating and I think I almost passed out. He walked me down the steps where there were hundreds of roses, candles, and balloons with photos of us hanging from them everywhere. When I was younger and thought about a proposal in my head, this was exactly what I had pictured. It was everything I could have dreamed of and more.

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After he asked me to marry him, he told me that since family is so important to the both of us, he wanted them to be apart of this too. So little did I know that both of our families were hiding in the kitchen behind a white curtain.

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We popped some champagne and all got to celebrate together. It was a magical and unforgettable night.

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