Our Favorite Alpaca Marriage Proposals

By now you’ve probably caught on to the Alpaca trend. Honestly, how cute are they?! We’ve seen them at weddings, on birthday cakes, in beautiful photo shoots… But our favorite way to celebrate with an Alpaca is to include them in a marriage proposal, obviously! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite proposal stories that incorporate these amazing animals, some planned and some not so much.

Addair & Austin

Photo by Rachel Red Photography

“One of my dear friends is the director of a stunning wedding venue. The venue was putting together a styled shoot to showcase the property and a couple of their esteemed vendors. I was completely flattered, intimidated, and excited when she asked me to be the model for that shoot. Finally, I turn around and I see the love of my life looking as handsome as ever holding my favorite animal. This was excitement and emotional OVERLOAD!” Read Addair and Austin’s full story here.


Bethany & Kevin

Photo by John Myers Photography

“We get to the most beautiful property of the Hidden River Alpaca Farm and are greeted by the most wonderful owners. The boys take off to see the adorable alpacas and the fun begins! I naively walk back into the petting area completely distracted and by the time they got my attention, I turned around to see the man of my dreams on his knees behind me!” Read Bethany and Kevin’s full story here.


Brooke & Brandon

Brooke and Brandon's Engagement in Martha's Vineyard (Edgartown, MA)Photo by David Welch

“When my eyes finally adjusted I realized that there were two alpacas on the beach named Leo and Hot Shot Hugo, with their handlers from Island Alpaca Farm. Needless to say, I was so surprised to see the alpacas on the beach. We spent about 30 minutes learning about them, taking pictures and walking them along the beach. I was smiling like crazy and everyone on the beach could not believe that there were alpacas there. We walked the alpacas over towards the lighthouse because Brandon thought it would be a nice backdrop for the pictures.” Read Brooke and Brandon’s full story here.


Catherine & michael

“So, let me preface this by saying I’m low-key OBSESSED with alpacas. Ever since I was little, if I ever stepped foot near a petting zoo, I just had to go in and pet the alpacas. Michael had scheduled us a private tour at Sweet Water Alpaca Ranch. The owner, Cecilia, introduced us to all of the alpacas and gave us a lesson on alpacas 101. We got to feed, pet and even cuddle with the alpacas! My heart was full and I was definitely surprised, but little did I know that the REAL surprise was yet to come.” Read Catherine and Michael’s full story here.


Catrina & Michael

Proposal Ideas Machu Picchu

“My (now husband) proposed to me during a vacation in South America. We first visited family in Colombia and then stopped in Peru to see Machu Picchu. My sister and cousins were all in on and it and helped coordinate. My sister made and travelled with the signs for the photo and my cousin snapped the photos. He proposed to me on September 21st, when I was distracted trying to feed the llama an orange.” Read Catrina and Michael’s full story here.

Okay fine, that last one may be a Llama, but it was too cute not to share. Looking for your own unique marriage proposal idea? Read our 3 steps to find and plan a unique proposal.