Alon and Braiden

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Community Caves - Spearfish SD

How They Asked

We had planned our trip out to the Black Hills for a family get together over the Fourth of July for a couple of months. We decided to take the whole week off and leave early to do some hiking and camping on our own. The first full day we were there I decided we should hike Community Caves and some other hikes around Spearfish. Community Caves was one of the first hikes we did as a couple and we did it ok the wintertime, so we wanted to do it in the summertime. We finally start the hike and right away we take the wrong path and are going on the wrong one. We figure this out and decide to just keep going and eventually figure out how to get back on the path. Make our way up and get to what most people think is the end of the hike. We’re hanging out and I’m eating snacks and snapping photos. Meanwhile, he’s pacing back and forth, not hungry and acting a little weird. We continue to hang out for a while and we hear another couple that is up there that the hike actually continues up further. He convinces me we should go do this and we start our way up. On the way up it’s a little difficult but we manage and get to the end of this hike. Again, we’re hanging out and I’m snapping some photos eating some snacks and I’m ready to go. I start to try and convince him that we should head down and he says he wants to stay up there a while. I finally have to tell him that we should head down because I had to poop. He laughs and waits a couple of minutes and then starts hugging me a bunch. We hug, but this was overkill. He keeps hugging and he starts saying how this was our first adventure and he wants to do more with me and he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I ask him if this is for real and I say yes. Finally, everything makes sense as to why he was so nervous and pacing around and not eating any snacks.