Almaz and Anton

Image 1 of Almaz and Anton

A few months prior to our one week vacation, Anton asked me to request time off from my work for a trip to Montreal Canada. Our trip was on a Saturday leaving from San Francisco, California. On a Wednesday before our trip, I came home to sweet a surprise (a card cut out of Paris city, macaroons and a candle). In the card (I had to ask him to translate because it was written in French), he asked me to pack my bags because were were going to PARIS instead. The whole time he was recording my reactions.

Once we got to Paris, all of my friends are shouting out their guesses on facebook and saying “oh he’s gonna propose”. I showed him these comments and he made it a point to let me know he did not plan to propose because he did not get a chance to ask for my parent’s permission and also he did not want to bring a ring to this long flight. I was a bit bummed but of course I also did not want to know when he would propose.

Towards the end of our trip and after an adventurous day, he said we had a boat tour scheduled and to dress warm. We get to the area where the boats take off and I heard him say “the driver isn’t here”. He asked me to stay in one location while he looked for him. While I was too busying taking selfies with the Eiffle Tower her was looking for the guy. I was quick to offer for us to get on another boat. He suddenly saw the guy with a red balloon walk away. Once he got up to the bridge the guy blended in with the hundreds of people on the road. Anton came back breathing hard and sweating because he could not find the guy with a red balloon.

He suddenly points out the guy walking towards us. I thought he would be upset but he was so happy to see the guy. Anton finally told me that this guy had our picnic. Once the romantic picnic was set up, he asked him to take ONE photo. I asked him to please take plenty as there were not very many people around. In between the photos, it was a moment I dreamt of but I did not dream of the feeling I experienced at the very moment. The moment I saw my best-friend get down on his one knee, I began to shake, my eyes were filled with tears of joy, my ears were so hot and I honestly do not hear much of what he said lol. It began to rain but I did not care one bit. We kissed under the rain and finally the goodies of our picnic.

Turns out, he spoke with my parents two days before we left. This is a story I never will get tired of recapping.