Allyssa and Shawn

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How We Met

One word: Tinder. Shawn and I matched back in May of 2016. I had just moved back to Omaha from Lincoln (where Shawn lived). There was a sense of humor from the get-go when Shawn asked if his muscles had to be the size of Mike O’Hearn’s. My profile picture was with Mike O’Hearn from when I met him at a Complete Nutrition event. Look up Mike O’Hearn if you’re unsure who we’re talking about.

From there, we chatted every single day on Tinder for a week or two until we finally went on our first official date. Side note: he was in Chicago for a week of this, hence the reason we waited. June 7, 2016, we had our first date at Baby Blue Sushi in Omaha. We had an awkward hug in the parking lot (who doesn’t have awkward hugs when they first meet?) and we laughed while getting to know each other over dinner. Shawn, of course, was trying to be cool and use chopsticks, but failed when he dropped his roll in the soy sauce and splattered on his white shirt. I just laughed and it really wasn’t that bad! After dinner, we went to Zorinsky Lake to walk around and keep talking. Yep, our first kiss happened here. A bicyclist rode right by us… OOPS. To keep the date going even longer, we then went to Coldstone Creamery for some ice cream. Neither of us wanted to end the date. We talked about EVERYTHING. How many kids we both want – we compromised this night already. Would I change my last name? We compromised on that too. Like, I think we both knew already.

On our 2nd date, just 2 days later, I drove to Lincoln to meet him at Tavern on the Square. The chemistry was seriously instant. When we sat down outside of McKinney’s (bar hopped just a bit), we both admitted we didn’t need/want Tinder anymore, so we completely deleted our profiles and uninstalled the app at the same time. We then joked about having a Tinder flame at our wedding somewhere! So we knew at that time that we had something truly special. :)

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How They Asked

Shawn, Alexa, Louie, and I went to Pioneers Park because it was a really nice day, especially in January. We walked around for a while and Shawn kept randomly saying “This would be a nice place for a picture.” I thought nothing of it since I had joked about taking pictures with Louie earlier that day. Alexa’s also taken our picture before, so again, nothing new. It was a little out of the norm, but not enough to make me know anything for certain.

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After about 2 hours at the park and people around most places he wanted to ask, we found a nice place by a frozen pond that we both liked (for what I thought was just a normal picture). He asked me to take Louie’s leash and Alexa already had my phone ready for a picture (again, not unusual cause he likes my Google Pixel better). I thought it was weird he didn’t want to hold Louie’s leash for a picture so I turned around and he was getting something out of his pocket and getting down on one knee. WHAT!? I was completely shocked.

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He then said “It’s 75 years too early” because we’ve always joked about getting married in 80 years. And he continued with “We’re already basically married, but let’s have a celebration to make it official. Will you be my wife?” We both were crying and he was shaking with nerves so I’m sure I’m missing something in here, but I, of course, said yes! Technically I remember saying “yeah of course!” haha. Alexa took our pictures, Louie licked his nose and walked around me, and it was the absolute perfect proposal for us. He picked the ring out entirely by himself and I’m in love with it. Now to celebrate us, Mr. & Mrs. Cronin!

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