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How We Met

We met on September 14, 2013. Conner, my older sister, and his older brother all went to college together. Victoria had been telling me about this guy who was really cute and she was telling him that I was a good cook. So her and Cole decided that we needed to meet each other. On that warm fall day, I drove from Truman State University over to Quincy, Illinois where Conner was playing in a tennis tournament. On that day, Conner was so nervous and was trying to play really well. He ended up winning the match that I watched and he was really proud. I, knowing nothing of tennis, did not know he had won nor had I been able to follow a single point of the match. I’m better now, but only slightly. After winning, he and I met, we started talking, and we haven’t stopped since. We started officially dating on December 4, 2013. We navigated over two years of long distance, lots of miles driven to be together, graduations, careers, and my big move back to St Louis. We’ve lived around each other for almost two years now in February and each day is better than the last.

how they asked

Conner had been looking at a million rings with his sister (and my roommate) and finally found one they liked. However, the first store they were going to get it from ended up having a lot of complications and delays that foiled Conner’s plans multiple times. He had arranged for a photographer and my friend, Allison Slater, to take pictures of the proposal. She reached out to me under the pretense of doing a couples shoot with me and Conner at an apple orchard. I was so excited to finally get pictures of the two of us, that I said yes immediately! But Conner had to reschedule three different times because the ring wasn’t ordered correctly or didn’t come in at all. He eventually went to Kay Jewelers and found the most beautiful ring I have ever seen (and I plan weddings for a living). All of the delays were a blessing in disguise because the date they settled on, November 2nd, ended up being sunny and 70 degrees. All of this time, I was unknowing and unassuming. I spent days hanging out with Allison and did a styled shoot with her the Monday before the proposal and I had no idea. Everyone hid it so well and I was so shocked.

So the day of the proposal, I told Conner that we could NOT be late for the photoshoot. He went to teach tennis for an hour and I arrived at the park a few minutes before our shoot time of 4 pm. I couldn’t reach Conner on the phone but he finally called me back to tell me he’d forgotten to end his lesson early and he’d be late. Frustrated, I apologized to Allison and she played it off saying we could start scouting out locations. We meandered our way through the Historic Village in Faust Park, enjoying the changing leaves and warm breeze. We came upon a little white house she said would be perfect for pictures. We walked down the brick path to the back of the house and as I turned the corner I saw Conner standing on the back porch. It all hit me at once…”Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran playing through a speaker, string lights hanging with pictures of the two of us, and Conner standing on a porch smiling at me. I don’t know the moment that I knew, but the tears came pretty quickly. I was so surprised and unable to move so Conner came down the steps towards me. He held out a black velvet box and said, “I know it’s been a long time coming, but I hope it’s worth it…because you certainly are.” He knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said yes and kissed the love of my life. Through tears and running makeup, I hugged his sister and brother who had been hiding and video taping the whole thing.

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The rest of the time we took pictures and celebrated our engagement. After a few boomerangs and hugs goodbye, Allison left and Conner and I went and sat on a bench. He told me all of the stories and fiascos leading up to the proposal and we relived the moment again and again together.

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