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How We Met

Cameron and I have a mutual friend, Tracy. She and I used to work out at the same gym, and we often talked about boys and who I was or was not interested in. She mentioned that she had a friend from work that she thought would be perfect for me! She mentioned the same thing to him, but neither of us took the bait. For one reason or another, we just did not want to be set up. Six months later – there was a power lifting competition that Tracy and the rest of the women from the gym had entered, so my best friend and I wanted to go support them! Little did I know, Cameron was also going to be at the competition, supporting Tracy! My best friend and I arrived early and got seats in the front row. We were excited to watch the women compete, because they had all become good friends of ours.

Cameron arrived later, and sat in the back with Tracy’s boyfriend. I didn’t know he was there until there was a break in the competition. My best friend and I decided to go get some lunch, and when we came back we noticed Tracy and the two guys sitting in the back. We decided to go up and introduce ourselves. It turns out – that was Cameron! I got a little shy once I found out it was him. He was cute and I wasn’t sure if he knew that I was the girl that Tracy tried to set him up with. We just rolled with it and started talking. We lost all interest in the power lifting competition, even though we had all moved back to the front. We talked about everything! I could tell from the start that I could really like this guy. There was a catch – I was moving to the other side of the world in three months for an entire year. I knew I needed to be up front about it, and it turns out that he was so excited for me! He was extremely supportive and asked me so many questions about where I was moving. He understood completely, and that felt so good to me! After the competition, we all went out to eat at Black Bear Diner (delicious!). He and I sat next to each other.

We exchanged side-glances and smiles back and forth. I nervously made a fortune teller out of the paper menu that they gave us, and gave it to him (no..I’m not 12!). By the time we were done eating, it was dark and it was raining, and we had a 2 hour drive home. I get nervous when it’s dark and raining, so I asked if he would consider sticking close the whole way home, just in case something were to happen. He is a gentleman, and agreed. We drove through Dutch Bros. before we hit the highway, and I learned that he had tried to pay for our drinks. My best friend and I were at one window, and he was at the opposite window and told the barista to charge our drinks to his card. We ended up paying for our drinks. We still don’t know whose drinks he actually paid for! It’s the thought that counts. We finally got home and I can imagine that my best friend was tired of hearing about this guy that we met at the competition. It turned out that he was practically neighbors with her (where I was staying that night). I sent him a quick Facebook friend request and a message saying “thank you for letting me tailgate you the whole way home!” I am sure I didn’t hide it well that I was hoping we would stay in touch after this day.

how they asked

As I mentioned in the “how we met” sections, I was leaving the country for a year three months after we met. In those short three months, we really took time to get to know each other as best as we could before I had to leave. It became very apparent to me that he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I fell in love with every part of who he is. Although I was so excited for the adventures I was embarking on overseas, it made it very difficult to leave him behind. He agreed to wait for me, and furthermore, agreed to come visit within the year that I was living overseas. He took the time off work, time away from his son, spent the thousands of dollars that it costed, just to come and be with me for ten days. I am still impressed to this day that someone would do something so extravagant for me. While/ he was visiting, I had scheduled a day for us to tour Angkor Wat. It was a beautiful day! Not too hot, and not too crowded. He loved every bit of seeing the temples, and I loved every bit of showing them to him. We were both on cloud nine!

After the tour, we had a sunset gondola boat ride scheduled. It was such a peaceful ride out on the water! Much to our surprise, the gondolier docked the boat and pointed up at a secluded temple that was located at the top of a cliff. Not many tourists know about this temple, and even very few locals know about it as well. We hiked up to get to the temple, and had about an hour until the sun would set completely. We took in the sites, talked, ate some snacks, and mostly just enjoyed being together. It was our first full day being together in seven months. The sun was nearly down, we were still nearly alone (only two other people at this temple at the time) when we began talking: Him: “I’ve been looking forward to this sunset for a while.” Me: “Yeah! It’s been seven months since we were able to watch a sunset together.” Him: “Yes. And this is a very special sunset.” Me: Confused. Him: “It is special because I have a very important question I need to ask you.” Me: Silent and still confused. Him: Gets down on one knee and pulls out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen! Him: “Will you marry me?” Me: “YES!!”

He said the look on my face was priceless and one that he will never forget. I was beside myself with excitement and so full of love for this man! I wanted to stay in that moment forever, but we had a fancy, romantic dinner reservation that same night, so we went back to town, cleaned up, and headed out to our now celebratory dinner! Just when I thought the surprises were finished, he had one more up his sleeve. We had finished our dinner – which was located in a private gazebo in the middle of a rice field, completely lit by candles – and it was time for dessert. While I was expecting a traditional dish to match the rest of the menu, it turned out that Cameron had contacted my work to prepare yet another surprise for me. I work at a training cafe center, and the staff makes beautiful cakes and cupcakes! He ordered a cake to be made that says, “She said yes!” on it to be delivered to the location where we were having dinner. Okay, seriously – look at that cake! The ever-so-talented women at the cafe even predicted the face that I would make when I saw the ring!

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The rest of the trip included so many more adventures! Ziplining in the treetops of the Angkor Wat forest, quadding through the country side, and taking traditional Khmer pre-wedding photos. Here is one of the four poses we were told to make:

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Hilarious, right!? We enjoyed every minute of this trip. We would have regardless, but having that ring on my finger, knowing I was going to spend the rest of my life with this man, made everything one million times better!

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