Allyssa and Banks

How We Met

Back in 2015, I was living in Pacific Heights and working downtown. After all of the poor experiences I had with dating, or lack thereof, I was convinced I was not going to find anyone. One morning, extremely hungover and in the clothes from the night before, I was running behind for work and requested an UberPool. This was also when UberPools were only $2.25, not $15-$20 like they are now. This was also a time when no one used UberPool so I was sure I would have the ride to myself. Boy, was I in for a treat. Literally.

Around 7:30 am, my driver rolls up and to my surprise, and annoyance, there was a man in the backseat. I was carting around a banner from work as we had an event the night before and had to now figure out how to get this huge contraption in the backseat with the additional passenger. Once I crammed the banner, and myself, into the Uber, it was time for me to throw my sunglasses on, kick back, relax, and have ZERO interactions with the person sitting next to me. I know I sound like a total bitch, but full disclosure, I just was trying very hard not to vomit in the backseat as we galavanted up and down the hills of San Francisco. To ensure that this passenger would think I am a total psycho and have zero interest in conversing, I pulled out my 50 Shades of Grey novel that I had been enjoying over the last week or so. Unfortunately, this brilliant tactic did not work. The passenger started a conversation with the driver and I somehow was looped in. Away goes my book into my purse and begins the annoyance.

As I casually glance over at the passenger, I think to myself, “OH MY GOD. He is gorgeous, decked out in Lululemon workout gear, clearly coming from the gym, and is drinking a coffee. He has it together.” I pinch my cheeks to ignite some sort of color in my hungover face, whip my head around and begin to flirt. Our conversation lasted all of about 10 minutes but boy did we cover a lot. This was for SURE the man I was going to marry. As we pulled up to his apartment, he told me how nice it was to meet me, said he wanted to “do this again sometime soon”, and proceeded to mumble something while hopping out of the Uber. As I was completely lovestruck and speechless, there I sat, waving like an idiot. He gave me a puzzled look and shut his door. As we drove away in the car, my driver proceeded to stop about 2 blocks ahead, gushing about our chemistry and connection. She then proceeded to ask why I didn’t ask for his contact info! Completely shocked, I respond “Um, it’s 2015, he could have asked for MY number!”

The rest of the drive to work, we talked about my plan of attack. I couldn’t remember his name and she then told me she caught “Bank”. Hmph. This was going to be tough. Walking up to work, I rang my girl gang for reinforcement. AKA, my mom, and two sisters. We began our search and unfortunately came up short. I tried “Bank San Francisco” and was returned with crappy results such as “Bank of America, San Francisco” and “Chase Bank San Francisco”. “Well, fuck my life,” I thought to myself.

During my meetings that Friday afternoon and after frantically searching the internet for 5 hours straight, I FOUND A PROFILE WITH THE NAME BANK ON FACEBOOK! Now was my time. I sent the carefully crafted and witty intro that my older sister had pinged me via gChat earlier and waited for that response from Bank.

Fast forward to Sunday evening, no response. “Great, guess I will be single forever. Maybe I should move to Austin after all.” To my surprise, after thumbing through Instagram’s “trending” tab that was newly released (where your results are matched based off of the algorithm that runs from your searches in Instagram) I come across a profile that looks JUST like Bank. I scream as loud as I can and carefully click on the profile. “HOLY CRAP IT’S HIM! IT’S HIM!!!!” However, his name was not Bank. It is BANKS. That makes more sense.

I find him on Facebook and realize that the Bank I had messaged was in fact not my Banks and that he was not interested in…me.. per se ;) I copy over the message from old Bank and send to my new Banks. And the waiting began again. After a witty response and playing hard to get, he asked me out that following Thursday. We have been dating for over three and a half years now and are getting married in June 2020. Thank you UberPool, for introducing me to the love of my life, my best friend, and life partner.

Feel free to drop some Uber credits in my account if you wish to share our story ;) Happy reading!

Allyssa & Banks aka Future Mr. and Mrs. Concepcion

How They Asked

Every year around Christmas time, Banks, my older sister Brittany, her boyfriend David and I all go ice skating in San Francisco to get into the holiday spirit. Former D1 hockey players Banks and David are pros out on the ice but full disclosure, Brittany and I just go for the cocktails that follow :) This year, Brittany was not able to spend Christmas with us which was going to be devastating. It was the first Christmas without her and it just wasn’t going to be the same.

When it came time to plan our annual trip, Brittany informed me that we would actually be going after Christmas and the whole family would be joining so that they could see her new apartment and we could make up for our girl being gone at Christmas. I told Brittany I was not pleased that we were going after the holiday and tried to tell her I wasn’t interested but she pulled the sister card and guilt tripped me.

Fast forward to the day we are due to ice skate. I was excited to see the family (and obviously to have dinner at Park Tavern, my FAVE restaurant in SF) but ugh I was soooo tired. My little sister and her friends came over before so we could all Uber in together. I was in my closet getting ready and noticed how cute everyone looked. I had just gotten this amazing new driver’s cap and black leather fanny pack and figured a fun night out in the city was a perfect night to debut my Christmas gifts. Unbeknownst to me, I would now have engagement pictures guessed it..a driver’s cap and a fanny pack.

We arrive at my sister’s apartment and everyone was in a great mood. I was very sober and began to notice that it was a drinking marathon around me. Mom was in the kitchen taking shots of vodka, dad was sipping bourbon, Banks was dancing around the apartment singing, and my sisters were getting their groove on with some Ridge wine. Mind you, it was 6:30pm. Meet my family :)

Proposal Ideas Union Square Ice Rink, Downtown San Francisco

When we got to the ice rink, my little sister let me know that unfortunately they were sold out and that her friends couldn’t skate but rest assured they would be on the side drinking champagne with my parents. Banks, Brittany, David and I lace up our skates and hit the ice. We wave to my parents and sister with each lap that we pass them and I kept thinking to myself about how much I loved this night already. About 20 minutes into our skate, an announcement came over the loudspeaker asking everyone to clear the ice and to please skate to the side. Banks and I skate to the side and shortly after, he grabs my hand and pulls me out for one last skate. I tried to argue with him telling him we were kindly asked to leave and that I didn’t want to get in trouble! Major rule follower over here. He convinces me to skate with him and as we began to make our way around the ice, Millionaire by Chris Stapleton begins to stream through the rink’s speakers. Banks then pulls me into the middle of the ice, in front of about 500 people, drops to his knee and proposes. I jumped as high as I could with my skates while screaming thinking about how this could not be real! After a HUGE eruption and applause from the crowd, I look over at my family, which had now tripled, as there were about 30 of our closest family and friends standing with signs. They were hiding behind my parents the entire time! Banks and our families had organized for the entire Union Square ice rink to be cleared just so that he could ask me to be his wife.

The night continued on with celebrations and fun stories about how hard it was to keep secrets from me. I couldn’t help but look around and feel so emotional about what had happened. The love of my life had proposed to me in front of the most important people that I know. I am a lucky girl! Cheers to our wedding in 2020 and to love!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Union Square Ice Rink, Downtown San Francisco

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