Allyssa and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew’s brother Matt is best friends with my cousin Angie’s husband Mark. Angie and Mark were engaged at the time and I was going to be in their wedding as a bridesmaid. All of us girls went out bridesmaid dress shopping one afternoon and we all returned to their apartment for some drinks and dinner. Us girls were in their computer room just talking about our day and how they wanted me to find a special guy. Angie mentioned there was a guy named Andrew who was Matt’s brother. I said “What does he look like?” They all hopped on Facebook to try and play match maker. All the girls showed me pictures of him and I immediately thought he was so handsome. Little did us girls know that Angie’s now husband Mark had all of the guys coming over, including Andrew. We heard some laughter in the family room and all of the girls started walking out to see what was going on. I heard an OMG from Angie as she pulled me and the girls back in the computer room. Angie said “Allyssa that was Andrew!” I started getting a little nervous asking the girls if I looked okay because I was in yoga pants and a sweatshirt and hair pulled into a pony tail, ya know not how you want to look when you first meet a cute guy. So we all went out again and Andrew reached his hand out to me blue eyes beaming and he introduced himself to me. That night I texted my best friend Kait and said “I just met the man I am going to spend my life with!” The rest is history!

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how they asked

So I am still taking some college courses at night to finish getting my certification in Special Education. I came home from class one night and Andrew was still in his work clothes and looked so good. I thought it was odd because he never stays in his work clothes and he always changes when he gets home. I asked him why he was still in dress clothes and he told me he was still doing some work so then I thought nothing of it. He asked me if I wanted to take the dogs for a walk and being my sassy and stubborn self-said “No I don’t think so.” I then went to our room to change and I came back out and he was now in our kitchen getting the dogs a treat.

We do this thing with our dogs where we ask them for ‘Paws in’ and they put their paws on top of ours and this time both of our dogs actually did it. They stayed like that for a minute and Andrew got down on one knee, pointed to our dog’s collar and said will you marry me? I was so confused at first because I never saw the ring. I then noticed the most gorgeous ring hooked onto our Keiki girls collar and I started crying like a baby and saying OMG! He said: “So is that a yes?” And of course, it’s a YES! I get to marry my best friend!