Allyson and Kyle

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How We Met

I was only 15 when I started crushing super hard on the kicker of the football team. He was a senior and I a sophomore, but we hit it off immediately! We went on a few dates before I finally said yes to being his girlfriend. We have been best friends and inseparable ever since!

how they asked

Fast forward 6 years and he is a police officer and I am graduating college in hopes of becoming a veterinarian. My mom is a phenomenal photographer and takes pictures of Kyle and I all of the time. So, when she set up a day to take some of the two of us I thought nothing of it! Towards the end of the shoot, Kyle started fidgeting a little. He got down on one knee and seeing the tears in his eyes made me lose it! He asked me to marry him and I said yes to my absolute best friend and dream guy I fell in love with at 15 years old!

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Special Thanks

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Tryphenas Garden
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