Allyson and Garrett

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How We Met

In 2012 I moved from my hometown of China Spring, TX to Austin, TX. I had just graduated college and accepted my first “Big Girl” job in the big city. Who knew a month later I would meet the man I would spend the rest of my life with! Although, when we met I was unaware that he would be the one asking for my hand in marriage and I actually thought to myself, he is definitely not the type of guy I would go after. He was tall, blonde, green eyed, extremely in shape and a came off a bit cocky and I was a small town girl who had not met many people yet and was honesty still overwhelmed with everything the city had to offer. Come to find out, I apparently intimidated him when I walked into the store we worked at together introducing myself as the new hire which made him nervous and that is why he came off the way he did.

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By the end of day one, after just meeting earlier that morning, he had me laughing and smiling bigger than I ever had. We went on a few dinner dates and got to know one another really well over the next several months. Our feelings for one another grew strong very early on but we continued to casually date for a year due to our job. At the one year mark, Garrett took me to the first place we went to for some happy hour drinks and asked me to officially be his girlfriend It was sweet and super cute! We have lived together for 3 years and have the cutest fur baby that likes to go everywhere and anywhere with us! We love adventure and the outdoors and I love the motivation and ambition he continues to bring into my life!

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how they asked

We decided that we would spend Thanksgiving with my parents and his mom and her husband at their family ranch. Garrett and I both love the ranch, being outdoors with our pup and of course spending time with our families!

With my sister, brother in law and 5 year old nephew carpooling behind Garrett, his sister and myself, we headed out to the family ranch to meet our parents! As we were driving there, I look over to Garrett and he had tears in his eyes. I asked if he was ok and he just smiled and said I have some allergies in my eyes. My allergies were also killing me that day too, so I thought nothing of it.

When we drove up all the parents were sitting outside, drinking wine and taking in the beautiful day! We got our cars unloaded, grabbed some wine and joined them. Garrett’s mom suggested taking the ladies on a tour of the ranch. Since I have been there many times, I stayed back so that Garrett and I could take a little ride around the property ourselves. My dad and nephew decided to jump on the cart to ride around with us. Garrett was supposed to take us down to the lake to show my dad and nephew “Lover’s Leap”, a small cliff that over looks the lake and a lot of the gorgeous property.

I noticed we went off track and the opposite way. I asked Garrett where he was taking us and he said he wanted to show my nephew the deer. I thought to myself awww…that is so sweet. We pull in between two deer feeders and started walking to make less noise, Garrett points to the right and says look there are the deer. Of course he was just trying to distract me for a moment because we saw no deer. :-) I then turn to the left where I see a beautiful set up in the middle of a field.

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It was a dark stained bench, a hay bale with a gorgeous table tray with two beautiful champagne glasses, yellow roses and the bubbly sitting on top. I immediately know what is about to happen and start to tear up. I have been waiting for this moment for awhile now, 4.5 years to be exact, so it was very much anticipated. After he dropped down to one knee and popped the question, we hugged and kissed and popped open the bottle of champagne. Garrett then turns to the open field and screams “She said YES!”. I then hear a bunch of women start screaming with excitement.

Come to find out, the ladies going to tour the ranch were actually going to post up in a deer blind to watch the whole thing! It was very special to me to have my parents, sister, nephew and his mom and sister there! The proposal was more perfect than I could have imagined and Garrett finally admitted he was tearing up on the drive there because he was listening to a Brad Paisley Song (They are always tear jerkers) and it made him happy that the day he was going to ask for my hand was finally here! 11.23.16 will forever be a special date in my heart. We will say I DO on the beautiful beaches of Mexico in July 2017!

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Special Thanks

Deana Hudler (Garrett's Sister)
 | Photography