Allyson and Dustin

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How We Met

Dustin and I met through friends over a decade agoand were instantly close. We were 18 maybe… but the funny thing is he’s known members of my extended family for years before that. we’ve always been close friends despite me living on a different continent for years. When I would come home to visit, He was always one of my first calls and he always made sure to call me every Christmas morning. I secretly knew he had always has a small crush.

how they asked

I had lost both my parents when I was 20 in two different incidences. So he couldn’t technically ask my Dad for my hand in marriage, so instead, he wrote him a letter. My Dad has a memorial tree in a local park of my home town, so Dustin worked with my best friend to map out the tree in the park and pre-planted the letter to my dad under the tree. We were on our way to dinner, running late and I was getting “hangry” when he insisted we stop and visit the memorial tree since we were in that neighborhood.

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When we got there, a letter was waiting underneath and it was addressed to Mr. Hunt… my dad. He wrote a very sweet letter to my Dad asking for his permission, I cried instantly not even realizing he was down on one knee. The best part is after, we got back into one of his Dad’s classic cars, and it was the same car that his Dad had asked His mom to marry him 30 years prior.

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