Allyson and Cory

How We Met

We both came across each-other in high school back in 2012. We had the same lunch period together, and he was too nervous to come up and say hi to me so he sent his friends over for him. He ended up adding me on Facebook, after a few spam likes, I ended up messaging him first! When school let out in May 2012, I was scared I wouldn’t see him again until the fall. Two weeks later he messaged me on Facebook and asked to hang out. That day started our fate. We ended up becoming best friends fact.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our house

Where to Propose in Our house

Every day in the summer of 2012 we hung out and stayed up all night talking to each-other. We remained best friends until early 2013. He admitted his feelings for me were more than “best friends” love. But we both were nervous and scared if we let our friendship build into a relationship we would jeopardize, and even risk, losing our friendship. March 4th, 2013 he asked me to be his girl. And I couldn’t resist. Easily the best decision I have ever made!

Allyson and Cory's Engagement in Our house

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our house

How They Asked

After four years of dating, Cory went and looked at one engagement ring and ended up falling in love with that one. He knew instantly it was the one. All of our relationship we have been dog parents to our puppy Chanel. July 22nd, 2017 Cory had over all our family members in the living room, talking about having the whole day planned.

He asked me to grab our dog’s leash to go take her on a walk, as I grab her leash, I turn around and I see Cory holding our dog Chanel. Our entire family was behind him watching.

He gets down on one knee with a ring wrapped around Chanel’s collar. I had both my babies sitting in front of me asking me for forever.