Allyson and Cortlen

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It was a gorgeous, sunny day here in Monterey, and it was the day before my birthday. Cortlen and I had talked about going out to lunch to celebrate since I had work/school on my actual birthday – I would spend the day with Cortlen, and the evening I would celebrate with my that was the plan…

He made reservations at this place in was baja-style which is one of my favorites! We left around 12:15, our reservations were at 1, and he stalled big time. On our way, I swear his truck speed-dial didn’t reach past 55 miles an hour…and I mentioned it to him and he explained it was his way of killing time before our reservations. I bought it at first, until he started driving around like a crazy person into the Carmel shopping center…and I mean in circles! Around the cars in the parking lot, behind the bakery and the fish market, to the loading dock behind the grocery store. So I finally said, What the heck is wrong with you!? I was laughing of course because this was so bizarre. We then headed for the restaurant and when we walked in, it all made sense. He had set up a beautiful surprise party for me with all my close friends, and my parents! We had a great time, and I began to open some gifts my friends so kindly had brought me.

The last gift I opened was Cortlen’s – and it was a yellow box with a gold ribbon. I’m thinking, Oh my gosh its Godiva chocolate, and I smirked at him because he knows how much I love it. When I opened it, I felt a huge shock in my was a wooden ring box. He took the box from me, got down on one knee, and at that moment the whole world around me became a silent blur. Then he asked me…will you marry me? I was in so much shock I ask him, are you sure? and he starts laughing at me! Saying, yes i am sure! So I hugged him with all my strength and said yes!

Best Day, ever.

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