Allyson and Brice's Mountaintop Proposal Where his Parents Got Engaged

proposal ideas in the mountains or outdoors_8714How We Met: Brice and I met through his brother and my best friend. The first time we met was when the four of us met at the casino one night. After that night, we started talking all the time.

I invited Brice to go bowling with my friends. Of course, we are both very competitive and had to have a bet. The bet was if Brice won, I had to be his date to his friend’s wedding; if I won, I didn’t have to go.

After a very intense game, Brice made it out the winner and I was then on to finding a dress for the wedding.

how they asked: One Saturday, Brice told me he wanted to take me to Pikes Peak as a break from all of my studying for school. We left in the morning and drove up as far as we could go and got out to take pictures.

Brice decided we should drive back down a little and take a picture. We did that, and then he decided we needed to go back up. I was really confused but was going along with it.

Finally he found a perfect spot with a gorgeous view of the mountain range for us to take a picture together.

And right then he got down on his knee, said this whole speech (that I wish I could remember!) and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

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I was completely shocked and immediately started crying and of course said YES!

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Seconds later, Brice’s cousin and my best friend popped out of the mountain cheering and taking pictures. It explained why he kept driving back up and down the mountain and getting out several times- he couldn’t find where they were! It ended up being perfect and we got amazing pictures thanks to his cousin. What made it even more special was that his parents had gotten engaged on that same mountain.
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