Ally and Lucus

How We Met
Image 1 of Ally and LucusI met my husband, Lucus, in 2008 when I was a senior in High School. He is a few years older than I am so he graduated before I did. I played on the school’s volleyball team with Lucus’s little sister, Kim. My in laws are a very tight knit family so all of Kim’s 7 siblings would come to our games to cheer her on, including Lucus. All the girls on the team thought he was sooo cute! I pretended to be dating him as a joke. I would always say , “oh there’s my boyfriend…” Little did I know he had his sights set on me too! A couple months after the season ended, he got my number and we had our first date.
how they asked
Lucus told me his friend Caitlin was trying to get a photography business going and needed some shoots for a portfolio. He said that she asked us to do a photo shoot so that she would have some pictures to show off. I loved this idea! We had been together for almost 4 years at this point and I thought ‘family’ pictures would be really cute. Image 2 of Ally and LucusWe did a couple poses when all of a sudden Caitlin said she needed to adjust her camera. The picture above is the picture she took right before she needed to make adjustments. (perfect set up to get down on one knee.) I stood up to fix my skirt and next thing I know Lucus is still down on bended knee and he grabs my hand and begins his speech. It caught me so off guard!

Image 3 of Ally and Lucus

Image 4 of Ally and Lucus

Of course I said “YES!” Such a great day!

Image 5 of Ally and Lucus

After the proposal I got to see all the pictures Caitlin had taken. She was obviously in on the whole thing. Lucus was holding the ring in all the pictures! I have circled them in the next two pictures so it’s easier to see. Doesn’t that smile just look like he has a big secret to tell!?

Image 6 of Ally and Lucus

Photography | Caitiln Rigby Hemsley