Ally and Troy

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How We Met

Let’s take it back five years… a time in my life when figuring out which beach to play volleyball at was one of my biggest concerns. College graduation was on the horizon and my friends and I were focused on “living it up” with what was left of our college journey. Of course spring break is kind of a big deal in college, so we had to come up with something special for our final hoorah! We decided on a good ole Carnival booze cruise… I mean Mexico cruise. With a suitcase full of bikinis and wine we boarded the ship. As soon as we were settled, we threw on our bikinis and headed to the pool.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Yosemite National Park

This is when Troy says he saw me for the first time. Troy told his friends he had to meet me. The next morning my friends and I were at breakfast when two guys came over to ask what they should do in Catalina. We quickly became friends and decided to meet up before dinner. The guys came over to our room and we stepped out to head to dinner. Out of the entire ship we were only eight doors apart. In the hallway of the ship is where my love story began. Our new friends introduced Troy and I was immediately excited about him. I had never seen a more dapper college student! It was formal night on the cruise so we were all dressed to impress, but Troy was on another level. Troy and I hit it off immediately. Troy actually “fake proposed” to me the night we met. Thanks to my friend, I have a photo to prove it! We danced the night away and soon became inseparable.

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The next day we adventured around Ensenada, Mexico and made plans to see each other that night. Once again we danced the night away. Troy “fake proposed” to me again and gave me his class ring to wear. That night Troy and I walked along the deck and talked for hours. That’s when I learned he lived in Colorado where he was in his senior year at the Air Force Academy. Long distance… I knew meeting him was too good to be true. When the cruise came to an end and everything settled down, Troy contacted me. We talked on the phone multiple times a day for several weeks before I decided to visit him in Colorado. Troy and I eventually decided to try dating long distance and dated that way for two years. We found this to be very challenging. All my wishing and praying came true when troy accepted a job that would move him out to Los Angeles and the rest is history! I never would have thought I would meet my soulmate on a crazy college spring break trip, but the moment I met Troy I knew he was special. My sister met her husband in Mexico on a spring break trip as well… must be something in the water…

Ally's Proposal in Yosemite National Park

how they asked

The plan was to drive to one of our favorite places, Yosemite National Park, to celebrate our five year anniversary. Troy’s dad told us he won a night at the famous Majestic Hotel and the stay could only be used March 24th. I thought it was a lucky coincidence that the stay was for the same weekend as our five year anniversary. Yosemite is a special place for Troy and I. Raised by two National Park Rangers, Troy had the unique opportunity of getting to grow up in several different parks across the U.S. Yosemite is special to me because it was a place I have been to several times with my family.

Troy and I had also just taken a trip there last year with my family and bought a small wood box which he used to propose. We decided to leave Thursday after work so we could get far enough along on the drive to have a full day in Yosemite come Friday! As we arrived to Yosemite we stopped at Inspiration Point to take a couple photos. Amazed by the beauty, I told Troy this would have been the perfect place to propose haha! We hiked around Bridal Vail Falls, and stopped in the valley to soak up all the beauty.

Little did I know…Troy was scouting the perfect place to propose. We eventually made our way to the Majestic Hotel where we would stay for the weekend. We were in love with our suite, which had a clear view of the valley and Yosemite Falls. That night we enjoyed a fancy feast at the hotel restaurant topped with an anniversary celebration dessert. The next morning Troy must have been nervous because he tried to wake me up an hour before our alarm. He told me he was going to go downstairs to check on our reservation for the next night, but he was actually looking at the ring, practicing what he would say and talking with the photographer! After sitting by the fire to drink our morning coffee, we headed out to meet family friends for breakfast. Yosemite could not have been any more beautiful that morning. As I kept saying, it was MAGICAL! We parked at the church and started walking toward the breakfast location. As we walked along the path, Troy suggested that we take a photo with the Yosemite Falls in the background.

I didn’t feel suspicious until he grabbed both of my hands and situated himself in front of me. I immediately started balling. At this point I think Troy had blacked out.

He managed to say some really special things before asking for my hand in marriage. I was overwhelmed with happy emotion, but I managed to say, “of course I will”! Troy pointed out that he had a photographer and once I could pull myself together we took photos. The surprise didn’t end there. After we were finished taking photos Troy told me we were going to drive to the central coast

to celebrate with my family… of course I started balling again haha. We took the time during the stunning drive toward San Luis Obispo to call our closest friends and family.

Upon arriving to S.L.O. My family greeted us with balloons and of course… Champagne!

Troy gave me the type of engagement I had always dreamt of and I could not be any happier! Being engaged feels good and Yosemite is now an even more sacred place in our hearts!

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