Ally and Steven

How We Met

My fiancé Steven and I (Ally) met at an Oscar party in 2013. His sweet sister Kristen invited me over to meet her family and friends–little did we all know that what started out as small talk over the best films of that year would lead to a life time commitment between Steven and I. That night we connected right away on film; he was in film school and a musician at the time and I was a literature major and avid film watcher. Both of us had, and still have a great passion for the arts which continues to sustain our friendship. He was tall, handsome, and quite confident in his opinions, yet gentle and light hearted. I immediately was fascinated by him!

As the evening came to a close, I said my goodbyes and left their house. However, I quickly remembered that I forgot something in the living room so I returned to the house. When I made my second entrance, there was an awkwardness between everyone inside as if they were just talking about me. I didn’t think too much of it, but the very next day his sister brought it to my attention. In fact, she admitted that I was the topic of their conversation and they were worried that I had overheard. She informed me that Steven said to her, “Kristen, you are not allowed to bring friends over that are that pretty.”

My heart dropped. Knowing that Steven thought I was pretty, didn’t exactly make me uninterested in him. Actually, it had quite the opposite effect. From that time on, I tried to keep him as a friend, guarding my heart. I didn’t desire to enter into a relationship too quickly or assume it was best for either of us. As our friendship grew, we both took our time getting to know each others’ quirks, interests, flaws, talents, and characteristics. We then made the decision to date each other, and there began the beginning of our story together. Our fourth Oscar night is coming up this year, and it will be our last one as an unmarried couple!

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how they asked

how they asked, you ask? It was the moment I have been waiting for–when the world around becomes a thick blur and all that is in focus is him. It’s like a beautiful image frozen in time, yet full of energy and movement. The moment when I know God is sovereign, because everything is threaded together in such an intricate and lovely way, and there is no way I could have planned for this.

A trip to the woods in Big Bear, CA with our best friends quickly transformed into a night of magic! While the girls and I went into town, the guys helped Steven set up the proposal down by the lake. At golden hour, the girls suggested we take photos by the lake (we love our photo shoots!) As we wandered by the water, I saw something ahead: Lights! Glowing mason jars on a distant tree. My heart dropped, and my eyes started tearing up. This was it, I thought!

Each detail was handled with care, to create an intimate, mesmerizing scene. From the gorgeous bouquet of pale garden roses and wild flowers, to the early 20th century lace draped over a custom copper book stand–everything exceeded my idealism. A gorgeous tree, resembling an oak, was perfectly “misplaced” amongst a vast field of pine trees. This unique tree was the focal point, adorned in glowing lights; mason jars seemed to dance to and fro, hypnotizing me until I finally saw him.

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The vintage-inspired diamond cluster ring was placed in a classic novel (he knows my lit. major heart too well). As the lights glowed, and the sun set her rays, I said “YES!” to the man who would be my husband. And, I’m sure one happy girl!

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My best friend Andrea Miclea of Heirloom Workmanship photographed the proposal in such a timeless and beautiful way–capturing the raw moments of emotion perfectly.

Additionally we thank all of our friends who made this proposal come together: Andrea and Alex Miclea, Sarah and Scott Hendrix, and Britney and Aaron Krempasky. Steven and I are so blessed by our incredible friends and fam!

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Special Thanks

Andrea Miclea
 | Photography