Ally and Ryan


How We Met

Ryan and I met at church through mutual friends. We grew up in the same area, but went to different schools and met in my junior year of high school.

how they asked

We had planned on taking Friday off of work to go hiking in northern Arizona, one of our favorite adventures to go on together. We woke up early that morning to go to breakfast and to drop a friend off at the airport. The drive up was special because Ryan drove a way I love which is through Sedona, Arizona. We were not in any rush that day and it was special just being us two. I thought to myself that he was being so sweet that day, not that he isn’t any other day, but there was something special that day.. Little did I know.


I was so oblivious and as we continued on our way he kept asking if there was anywhere I want to stop. I was so excited to hike so I insisted we kept going. When we got to Flagstaff we stopped by my grandparents cozy cabin to fill up on some water and snacks for our “hike”. They were so excited to see us (they knew he was about to propose), and their cabin is where the engagement party would be held later that afternoon.

Ryan asked if I wanted to go to lunch at the lumberyard a nice restaurant, and I suggested chick-fil-a to be nice and try to save money (lol)! I didn’t know that was supposed to be his way of stalling while my family got up to the mountain where he was going to pop the question. Ryan being Ryan took me to chick-fil-a and we took it downtown to eat in the town square and walk around some shops, which he knew was the perfect way to stall me. After lunch and some shopping a little we headed up the mountain, at this point I was still so oblivious. I honestly thought we would get engaged in the fall or winter, and I’m glad I was wrong.

We pulled up to the open field up by where we would start our hike, it was a beautiful, breezy, warm summer day. As we started walking to where I thought the trail was Ryan told me he wanted to show me a spot where him and his dad used to sit. I excitedly followed him over to this “spot”. There was a big rock so I sat down to take in the view and he asked if he could take my picture but little did I know he was starting to record.

When he started talking I think thats when it hit me, his words were so sweet, and I felt like I was dreaming. My mind was racing, so I am glad he recorded what he said because I wouldn’t have remembered everything clearly due to me freaking out inside! When he knelt down and pulled out the beautiful ring I could not believe it.



I was in utter shock, it is a moment I have dreamed of, prayed for, thought about for as long as I can remember and it was better than I could’ve ever planned. I am so thankful he surprised me the way he did, I honestly had no idea.





The moments after were so precious as I tried to comprehend what just happened and how lucky I am to marry him. I could not stop starring at the ring, and crying, but also freaking out about how good he got me. Another surprise he had up his sleeve was that some of our family were hiding in the trees down the way to take pictures and be with us afterwards.


When I turned around and saw them the tears starting pouring again. It was so special to have them there and I am thankful they got to document the special moment. When we drove back to my grandparents cabin all of my family, and his, and many of my best friends were there to celebrate with us.


It was the best weekend of my life and forever a special memory and answered prayer. I am so excited to venture this engaged season with Ryan and to see what god has in store for our future. I am one lucky gal.


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