Ally and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I first met in High School our senior year in Government class! We dated for close to two years and we were ready to make that next step, I knew about the ring, but didn’t quite know when he was going to ask since we were up at school and I voiced that I wanted us to get engagement somewhere special.

how they asked

We faced some obstacles with each other families but we were able to over come and grow with one another. We decided (or Ryan) to take a surprise trip back home to Los Angeles to spend Thanksgiving holidays with family. Well on one of our days off we decided to go to Santa Monica Pier. I was so excited to go because despite everything that has been thrown our way the beach and ocean feels peaceful to us. So he let me pick any ride and that we would walk around the pier.

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Well I picked the Ferris Wheel, and we got to the very top and I was so excited to be hovering the ocean and watching Dolphins jump out the water I felt our little box move only for me to look down and Ryan was on one knee professing his love and asking me to be his wife. Best choice I could have ever made was saying yes with happy tears rolling down my face!

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